Counseling and Support

Kristin Bormann - Department Chair for Counseling and Student Support Services - Rm. A103 - 630-795-8515

Linda Petersen - Administrative Assistant for Counseling and Student Support Services - 630-795-8515

Counseling and Student Support Services Mission

The mission of the Downers Grove South High School Counseling and Student Support Services Department is to provide comprehensive support attending to the personal/social, academic, and post-secondary planning needs of every student. In partnership with families, teachers, and community stakeholders, our counselors, social workers, psychologists, and nurses, will implement a program that empowers students to become life-long learners able to succeed in our ever-changing society.

2023-2024 Academic Planning Guide

2024-2025 Academic Planning Guide

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Counseling and Student Support Services Vision

Statement of Philosophy

The Counseling and Student Support Services Staff at Downers Grove South High School believe:

  • In honoring the uniqueness of each individual as we  embrace diverse backgrounds, values, and points of view to build a strong,  inclusive community and to prepare students for life in a multicultural society. 
  • All students/individuals have dignity and worth
  • All students have the opportunity to participate in the school counseling program regardless of ethnicity, culturel, race, sexuality, gender, and special needs
  • All students’ ethnicity, culture, race, sexuality, gender and special needs must be considered in planning and implementing the school counseling program
  • All students will receive the resources and support necessary to achieve their academic goals.

The DGS CSSS Department is:

  • Goal-oriented and evidenced based to address the developmental needs of our diverse population
  • Based on specific goals and developmental student competencies for all students
  • Planned and coordinated by the CSSS Team in coordination with other school, family, and community representatives
  • Committed to using an Advisory Council to review and modify program goals, receive feedback, and discuss implementation of School Counseling Curriculum
  • Strategic in using community resources to support students
  • Evaluated by a counseling supervisor on specified goals and agreed upon student competencies
  • Actively involved in monitoring student successes

The DGS CSSS Staff will:

  • Act as advocates for all students specifically those students from marginalized communities including students of color, LGBTQIA, undocumented, and those with learning challenges
  • Abide by the ethical guidelines provided by ASCA, SSWAA, NASP, and NASN
  • Participate in professional development activities to maintain certification and provide a quality counseling and student support services program

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