Religious Objection

The State Board of Education and the Illinois Department of Public Health have developed guidelines to help school administrators determine whether a religious immunization exemption should be allowed.

The points below must be considered if you wish to submit a valid religious objection regarding immunizations to the District 99 administration.

  • Parent or guardian must complete a written statement which fully sets forth their religious belief that is the basis for the objection.
  1. Written statement must include current date.
  2. Letters must be addressed to Community High School District 99.
  3. The specific immunization or examination must be identified in the statement.

The opinion of the Illinois State Board of Education's Legal Department is that an exemption form which refers merely to "natural laws of health" or to a similar basis of a general philosophical, scientific or personal preference nature does not constitute a valid religious objection.  Section 27-8.1 does not provide for an exemption to physical examinations or immunizations on non-religious conscientious grounds.

Persons utilizing an exception to measles, should be advised that in the event of a measles outbreak, the students are subject to exclusion from school until 21 days after the onset of the last reported case, or until acceptable proof of immunity is received by the school.

Questions may be directed to Health Services at 630-795-8528.