DGS Support Services for Undocumented Students

The DGS College/Career Center runs a psychoeducational group open to all undocumenated students, grades 9-12. We focus on social/emotional support, academic plans and goals, and creating and following through on post-secondary plans. If you are interested in joining please contact Ms. Nolan (anolan@csd99.org).

  • If you are an undocumented DGS student we strongly encourage you to join our group or tell your counselor so we can support you as best as possible. Strict confidentiality regarding your personal information is enforced.


Post-Secondary Plans

Cost should not initially prohibit you from pursuing your post-secondary dreams. We have had undocumented students successfuly pursue all of the listed pathways below. Start planning for your future by researching your options.

  • College of DuPage
    • Certificate Programs: Don't want to continue school and just want to work? Think about a COD Certificate Program first. Benefits include no general education courses, classes only in your certificate area, and shorter completion time (think some in as little as 6 months). Having a certificate gets you a leg ahead of your competition.
    • Traditional 2+2 “transfer” programs: This is a traditional Associates Degree program in which, upon completion, you can then transfer to a 4-year college/university or start work. 
    • Special 3+1 programs: These programs partner COD with a 4-year university so that in 4 years you earn a Bachelor’s Degree, but you pay COD rates for 3 of those years. 
    • Engineering Pathways partnership with UIUC
  • 4-year college/university
    • Being undocumented does not prohibit you from applying to and getting accepted to 4-year colleges and universities. If your desire is to earn a Bachelor’s Degree after high school, you can! Start in Naviance to start your college search. 
  • Work

Paying for College

The cost of college can be scary - for all students regardless of immigration status. Although undocumented students cannot complete the FAFSA, which would give you access to Direct student loans and the PELL Grant, the State of Illinois has created an alternative way for students who have financial need, to get aid for college: The Alternative Application.

Driver’s License

We strongly encourage you to take Driver’s Ed at DGS, prior to your 18th birthday. Once you have your permit, you can get your TVDL (Temporary Visitor’s Driver’s License).

Immigration and Policy

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