Guided Study

For students who are identified as struggling with executive functioning (organizational skills, self advocacy, work completion, self-monitoring or regulating, tracking assignments, etc), we often support them in our program called Guided Study (est. 2021).

In this program, students are programmed into a class period where they work with a specific teacher each day to complete tasks such as organizing backpacks/folders/digital space, completing work, checking grades and creating goals based on those, drafting emails to teachers as needed, etc. Students work with a staff member and are guided to seek out academic support.

This support occurs during periods 1-8 during the school day and is not a credit-bearing course. Ideally, students find success in the program and learn the skills necessary to transition out after a few weeks or months. Some exclusionary factories include poor attendance and discipline concerns.

For students who do not have room in their schedule but would like a similar support, STRIVE may be an option which is a similar support that occurs after school.