Lori Balsamo

Health Office Executive Administrative Assistant

Gloria Barrera

School Nurse

Kate Blader

School Counselor

Kate (Gavin) Blader joined the District 99 community in 2007 and serves as a School Cou...

Kristin Bormann

Department Chair - Counseling and Student Support Services

Amanda Bruno

Administrative Assistant - Dean's Office

Timothy Christy

School Counselor

Tim Christy began his career at Downers Grove South in 2004 and serves as the school co...

Sara Courington

Associate Principal of Student Services

Lisa Dinicola

Administrative Assistant

Darlene Ficaro

Administrative Assistant - Dean's Office

Kirk Fisher


Jenny Franz

School Counselor

Beginning her career with District 99 in 2003, Jenny Franz serves as the School Counsel...

Elizabeth Galati

Social Worker

DeAngelo Gerald

School Social Worker

Bryan Heap


Ashley Hernandez

Spanish Home to School Liaison

Kathleen Kelly

School Psychologist

Amy Klug

School Counselor

Amy Klug is a School Counselor at Downers Grove South High School. Prior to joining Dis...

Ann Lichaj

Executive Administrative Assistant - College & Career Center

Adrienne Nolan

School Counselor

Linda Petersen

Administrative Assistant

Paula Rada


Cory Rasho

School Counselor

Catherine Robinson

School Psychologist

Catherine Robinson is a School Psychologist for Downers Grove South High School. Rob...

Lavon Robinson

School Counselor

Tiffany Rojszyk

School Counselor

Tracey Salvatore

School Social Worker

Tracey Salvatore serves as a social worker for last names Gru-Leo at Downers Grove Sout...

Antonia Stamatoukos

Student Assistance Coordinator

Antonia Stamatoukos serves as the Student Assistance Program Coordinator at Downers Gro...

Nicholas Teetsov

School Counselor

Kristina Toth

Student Success Coordinator

Kristina Toth (Conrad) began her career with District 99 in 2012 and has served a varie...

Kanagavel Vetri

School Counselor

Nicole Walus

PATH Coordinator

Julie Witt-Vanorny

Administrative Assistant - CSSS

Ronald Zychowski

School Psychologist

DGS Counseling Staff