DGS Administration

Title Name Assistant Phone number
Principal Ed Schwartz Theresa Dees 630-795-8511
Associate Principal for Curriculum and Instruction Georgia Hash Sharon Dillon 630-795-8512
Associate Principal for Staff and Students Dr. Karen Taylor Dawn Ceren 630-795-8514
Associate Principal for Operations Omar Davis Beth Riordan 630-795-8513
Associate Principal for Student Support Sara Courington Dawn Ceren 630-795-8514
Department Chair for Counseling and Student Support Services  Kristin Bormann Linda Petersen 630-795-8515
Athletic Director Randy Konstans Lisa Wivinis 630-795-8517
Activities Director Jennifer Martinez Mary Wiley 630-795-8518
Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds Michael Reyes Chris Blum 630-795-8516
Dean Angela Earwood  


Dean Dr. Bryan Heap   630-795-8532
Dean Deb Michael   630-795-8534
Dean Sheldon Davis   630-795-8533