DGS Rules and Expectations

Rules and expectations for students while attending Downers Grove South High School 

The Top Ten
  1. Everyone Belongs Here. Whether you're talking, texting or on social media, don't use words that hurts others.
  2. Don't joke or make comments about violence, of any kind. 
  3. Dress for succes! Follow the school dress code.
  4. A pass means permission. If class is in session, students need a green pass to be in the hallway or use the restroom.
  5. Respect our space and throw away your trash. 
  6. Avoid vaping. Text DITCHVAPE to 88709 for help.
  7. If you're parking a car at school, you need a permit. Don't have one? Your car could get towed.
  8. Attendance Matters! Come to school, it's the best thing you can do for yourself, academically and socially.
  9. Be on time, every time, every day. It’s respectful to your teachers and your classmates.
  10. Put your cell phone away when you’re in class. They can still be used in the common areas and hallways.