Physical, Health, & Driver Education

The Physical Education and Health Department of District 99 adheres to the Board of Education philosophy regarding the education of the intellect. Focusing on the intellectual as well as the physical development allows for total wellness. This comprehensive program is designed to develop and foster knowledge and understanding, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving.

The Department of Physical Education and Health in District 99 values this overall concept of wellness for its students. Encouraging the total development of the student with emphasis upon physical, social and emotional well-being allows for short and long term goal achievement. The wellness program designs specific educational and activity programs that include choices and decisions based on healthy attitudes for a positive lifestyle. Specifically, the practical application of physical education and wellness allows for greater kinesthetic sense, aesthetic awareness, self-identity and self-esteem.

If you would like your child to be allowed modifications in their Physical Education class as a result of an injury or medical reason, please use the request form linked here. Your request will only be honored by the instructor when the information has been completed and signed by the attending physician and returned to the school.  

Driver Ed Information

Department Chair
Scott Lange

Department Administrative Assistant
Mary Roe

Department Office
Room E142

2020-21 Academic Planning Guide


Julie Jur


Frank Kuchta Sr.

Pool Supervisor

Scott Lange

Physical, Health, & Driver Ed Department Chair

Mary Roe

Administrative Assistant - PE, Health, Driver Ed, Career & Technical Education