School Psychologists and Social Workers


The Counseling and Student Support Services (CSSS) Department at South High School believes that all students have the right to a safe, supportive school in which we respect student’s values, beliefs and individual backgrounds. 

School Psychologists and Social Worker are located in Room A103.  They assess, identify, consult, and counsel students whose social/emotional needs affect their day-to-day academic learning.  School Psychologists and Social Workers also work closely with School Counselors and Deans on alpha teams. These teams share sections of the alphabet by class. Alpha teams identify changes in students, develop and implement intervention plans, and often serve as facilitators for student support groups.  

For students who may need long-term or intense counseling, we will provide the student and family with a list of referrals for outside services for ongoing counseling.

Mental Health Resources for students and parents

Community counseling and mental health related resources

Faculty Position GENERAL Alpha Slice FOR Grades CLASS OF 2027 Alpha Slice 
Ms. Betsy Peesel Social Worker
A-Col A- Cl
Mr. Ron Zychowski School Psychologist
Con-Gro Co- Go
Ms. Tracey Salvatore Social Worker
Gru-Lu Gr- Kp
Dr. Kathleen Kelly School Psychologist
Ly-Pat Kr- Ob
Mr. DeAngelo Gerald Social Worker
Pau-Smil Oc- Sa
Ms. Catherine Robinson School Psychologist
Smit-Z Sc- Z