Social Studies

The overall objective of the Social Studies department is to help each student develop to the limit of his or her ability into an independent thinker and a responsible citizen of a democratic society. More specifically, all social studies courses, both required and elective, strive to

  • develop the acquisition of knowledge about subject areas such as history, government or psychology
  • develop participatory learning skills such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking
  • develop analytical reasoning abilities (movement from concrete to abstract); and
  • promote personal development, particularly growth in self knowledge and self-esteem.

The Social Studies department offers courses to meet the needs of college bound students and students planning to enter the work world after high school. Elective courses are open to all junior and senior students. Students are encouraged to consider courses carefully and to consult with their Social Studies teachers and/or the counselors for help in selecting courses appropriate to their interests, needs, and abilities. Click here to view details about all of our electives.


Christopher Esposito

Social Studies Department Chair

John May


Laura Paynic