Math Resource Center Room D374

The Math Resource Center is provided as a service to students. It is open all periods during the school day.  Teachers are available to assist students with their math questions. Students are expected to bring their class notes and books. Math Resource does not supply textbooks. Teachers will be reinforcing the information contained in the notes, as they provide guidance to the students. This is a great resource for math students to use to receive extra help. It is located on the third floor, room D374


  • Open Daily: All Periods 8:20am- 3:20pm

Students are expected to:

  • Be on time     
  • Have their current ID
  • Work on mathematics for the period
  • Be prepared to ask for help
  • Be considerate to other students and teachers


Period 1

  Ms. Larson Mr. Lubbers

Period 2

  Ms. Burton

Mr. Forst                    Ms. J. Painter

Period 3

  Mr. Allen

Ms. Lubbers

Period 4

  Ms.  Hayes

Ms. Olson

Period 5

  Mr. Klaeren

Mr. Trepachko

Period 6

  Ms. Cox

Ms. K. Painter             Ms.Toellen

Period 7

  Mr. King Mr. Kaim

Period 8

  Ms. Cosenza Mr. McGinnis              Ms. Marino