Welcome to Downers Grove South High School!

Transferring to a new high school can bring challenges and opportunities for many students. Depending on the reasons you may be transferring to DGS, we have many students and staff members dedicated to supporting you in your transition to DGS. The first step is for the student and parents/guardians to complete the DGS Student Registration Form. Once the form is completed, contact the DGS Registrar at 630-795-8525 or kfisher@csd99.org to schedule a registration appointment. To prepare for the registration appointment, the following documents are required:

Required Residency Documents

Nurse Office Transfer Student Requirements

Additional Documentation

Specific situations may require further documentation to determine the residential custodian of the student based on care or custody agreements. Please be prepared to share such documents if requested.

Documents that must be obtained from previous school
It is the parent/guardian responsibility to request transfer records.

  • Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Student Transfer Form
  • 18-19 IHSA Principals Concurrence Form - This form must be completed by all students who are planning to compete in a school sport. 
  • An unofficial transcript for current high school students.
    • 7th and 8th grade report cards and course recommendations for incoming freshmen.
  • A State of Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination including immunizations with the physician's signature and address. A printout of immunizations does not meet this requirement.
    • Incoming freshman must present a valid physical examination form before the first day of school
    • Out-of-state transfers: immunizations must be provided, and an Illinois physical will be required.
  • Standardized tests scores if available.
  • Current class schedule and grades in progress if transfer is occurring during the school year.
  • Current IEP or 504 Plan for any student recieving specialized services at their previous school.

All Downers Grove South HS students are issued their own Chromebook. Below is a link outlining the terms of this loan agreement.

Chromebook Agreement

Checklist for Transfer Students

  • Verify your residence where you are living or will be living by checking our District 99 maps and boundaries to ensure your address is within the District 99 - South High School attendance boundaries. Here is the link - http://www.csd99.org/about/maps-and-boundaries
  • Gather required residency documents
  • Please note: If you are in temporary residence or are homeless as defined by The McKinney-Vento Act (living in a shelter, hotel, or sharing housing with a relative), contact the DGS Registrar after you have completed this Registration Form to learn about other supports available for your student. 
  • Complete the DGS Student Registration Form.
  • Contact the DGS Registrar at 630-795-8525 or kfisher@csd99.org to schedule a registration appointment
  • Gather Additional Documentation from previous school.
  • Review the Nurse's requirements for transfer students.
  • Participate in academic testing (Reading and Math). We want to make sure you are in the correct classes. Your DGS School Counselor will work with our department chairs to ensure you are enrolled in classes that meet graduation requirements.
  • Meet with your DGS School Counselor to select your courses, create your schedule, and share other important information to support you in your transfer to DGS. 
  • On the first day of school, in addition to academic testing and meeting with your counselor, you will meet with a DGS student transfer leader and be given a tour of the school and receive a complimentary lunch with a transfer student leader. Your transfer student leader will eat with you and introduce you to other students. 
  • Within the first couple of weeks, a staff member from the DGS Care Team will meet with you to see how the transition is going for you.
  • After your first four weeks (or sooner if you need to), your school counselor will meet with you.
  • Get involved! Here is the link for DGS Student Activities.