Class of 2024! 

This is your senior year and there are many exciting things happening!

Keep this page in mind whenever a question pops up regarding any and all senior festivities.


Senior Portraits/Yearbook Photos

Seniors should have received this letter over the summer from VIP, our official school photographer.  

Yearbook Photo retakes are on 10/13 in South PAC Main Stage (Auditorium) 

Students have until November 20th to choose the photo that they'd like for the yearbook.

Cap & Gown Information

During the commencement ceremony, all students are required to wear a navy cap and gown along with a Columbia blue stole and navy/white tassel.

You can order a cap and gown online at any time between now and October 16th, 2023.

If a sibling recently graduated and wore a navy cap and gown, please know that your senior can wear the sibling’s cap and gown. You will need to place an order for a souvenir stole and tassel by visiting Please call Jostens directly at 630-963-3500 if you have any questions. 

Please note: if you miss the October 16th deadline, there will be an extension to purchase your order until November 15th. After November 15th, Jostens will process late orders. However, please be aware that there is a significant price increase

Follow these links for easy ordering:

Order a cap & down 

View and purchase all merchandise available through Jostens

Please call Josten’s directly if you have any questions regarding ordering merchandise or a cap & gown: 630-963-3500


For information regarding commencement or anything related to senior events, contact the Office of Student Activities

Dates to Know:
Prom: April 27th, Bolingbrook Golf Club. 
Mandatory graduation rehearsal: Friday, May 17th, 9:00 AM
Graduation: Sunday, May 19th, 12:00 PM