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Class of 2024! 

This is your senior year and one of the many exciting things that happen during your senior year are senior portraits! 

You received this letter over the summer from VIP, our official school photographer.  

Senior students have the opportunity to schedule a Senior Portrait Session with multiple outfits, which is known as a VIP Premiere Session. 

 After you finish your VIP Premiere Session, you will receive an email with instructions explaining how to select your yearbook photo. The deadline to select your photo is November 20th. 

In addition to a Premiere Photo Session, we are offering yearbook only photos for all seniors in the small gym on Friday, September 8th during your assigned English Class. These photos will be used for the yearbook unless you select the image from your premiere session. 

Our goal is to photograph all 678 seniors to be included in the yearbook. 

Be sure to participate on Friday, September 8th  which is free of charge to smile and be included in the yearbook and for a cost if you choose to purchase the school photos. 

Retakes are on 10/13 in South PAC Main Stage (Auditorium) 

 Senior Ad and Baby Photo Info 2023-2024

Senior Ad Flyer 2023-2024.pdf

Class of 2024! 

While you are enjoying your summer break, we want to bring to your attention that it is already time to start thinking about scheduling your Senior Photo Session with Visual Image Photography (VIP)!

You will find more information in the link below. Be sure to read it carefully. *Please note, seniors must have their photo taken by VIP to be included in the DGS yearbook and the deadline to select your photo to be included in the yearbook is November 20th! 

Class of 2024 Photos VIP Information