SchooLinks is a web-based portal which provides comprehensive college, scholarship, and career information. Students use Schoolinks throughout their high school career to explore career interests, and to facilitate the entire college selection process including searching for colleges, recommendation letters, and applying. DGS sends all college application materials, including transcripts through SchooLinks.

Some of the tools available in SchooLinks

  • Inform students and parents about the procedures for applying to college
  • College scattergrams list college admission results of DGS students from past years
  • Students can search for colleges they are interested and apply to colleges. Students can email colleges as well without leaving SchooLinks.
  • Students request transcripts using SchooLinks.
  • A visual list of colleges where DGS students are attending college
  • Information regarding College of DuPage
  • Register for ACT and SAT
  • NCAA and NAIA Eligibility Center
  • Common Application ready link
  • College terminology
  • College visit and interview hints
  • Essay writing hints
  • DGS application deadlines
  • Create a college compare list
  • DGS students can use the Super Match and Big Future tool by college location, majors, scores, tuition, ethnicity, school type, school size, campus setting, public or private, graduation rate, what sports they would like to play, Greek life, etc. They will be able to view all colleges with this information to narrow down the college list.
  • Students and parents can view DGS college ACCEPTANCE HISTORY and how many students actually enrolled in colleges.
  • Junior and senior students can view a list of upcoming visits by representatives from colleges, universities, military and technical schools. Interested students can sign up to attend the visit using SchooLinks.
  • There is a listing of available scholarships detailing eligibility criteria, deadlines and applications.
  • There is a listing of summer programs under Enrichment Programs detailing a brief description and source of additional information.
  • Important dates for upcoming college fairs and testing (ACT, SAT, PSAT and AP's).
  • Parents and students can review results from the "Do What You Are" inventory to learn about their personality and careers to explore.
  • Students can explore career clusters and specific careers under the "Careers" tab.
  • Students can complete a variety of assessments to learn more about themselves in the "About Me" tab. Students will learn about their strengths, interests, personality, learning style and intelligence profile.
  • Students can watch interviews with people who have similar interests in "Roadtrip Nation" under the "Careers" tab.
  • Students can use the resume tool under the "About Me" tab to build a resume. 

Need Your Log In?

Access School Links using your school username and password. If you would like a separate parent log-in, please send an email to Julie Witt-Vanorny or Linda Petersen.