Student Parking

Hybrid Schedule Parking Information

Parking at South High during the Hybrid Schedule will be extremely limited. Current seniors who applied last May have been issued permits. Juniors and seniors who applied in August for Special Hybrid Parking have been given priority. However, students are welcome to apply to be placed on a waiting list. In the event a student no longer needs parking, we will take names from the waiting list to be issued hybrid parking permits.

To apply for the Hybrid Parking Waiting List, please complete this form.


General Parking Information

Student Parking on campus is for qualified seniors and only juniors enrolled in Intro to Teaching and/or the Work Program. All current juniors will receive an email from Bryan Heap, Dean of Students, in March inviting them to apply for student parking for the following school year. Selected students will be notified before the conclusion of this school year. Parking on campus is extremely limited and the student parking lot contains approximately 150 spaces. Student parking costs $175. Students are not selected randomly by lottery, but are considered based upon GPA, prior high school attendance, discipline, and extra curricular activities involvement/school leadership roles.

The Z LOT is now considered part of DGS campus parking and will be sold along with all regular student parking. These additional spaces have been absorbed into the regular student parking and are not independently available for sale. All campus parking is sold to qualified seniors.

Specific student parking guidelines and information can be found in the Student Handbook.

For more information, contact Dean of Students Bryan Heap at