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The mission of Mustang Way at South High School is to foster and promote a positive school climate that enhances student learning through teaching and recognizing positive behavior. For several years, we have recognized thousands of students and look forward to recognizing many more role models in the future.

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Throughout the year, the Mustang Way team develops a lesson based on student interest and with input from teachers from various departments at South.

Each lesson is 15 minutes long and occurs during Period 2 classes six times throughout the school year. Mustang Way student leaders come in to lead the lesson by running activities and facilitating discussions within freshman-only classes.

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Mustang Way Award Recipients


Each week, the Mustang Way team recognizes students from teacher nominations. Teachers have the ability to recognize a student who went above and beyond that week or who acted as a positive role model for his/her peers. The teacher sends that student a Mustang Way certificate, which is then hand-delivered to students in class by staff members on Fridays along with a treat. Parents of students who get a Mustang Way Awesome certificate receive an email notification as well.




Each month, entire classes are recognized by Mustang Way. Staff at DGS have access to a google form in which they can nominate a whole class for being respectful, responsible, and engaged. On a monthly basis the classes are given a certificate and have their picture displayed on the Mustang Way slide show in the front entrance. Of the classes acknowledged each month, once is chosen to earn a larger class prize like pizza, cupcakes, or donuts.


Staff Members

Students can also nominate staff members. There is a mailbox located in the student cafeteria near the bookstore. Students write a handwritten message to the staff member they would like to recognize and drop the recognition card in the mailbox. These recognitions are then delivered to our staff about once every two weeks.



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