The attendance office is located in Room A103.  Call the attendance office at 630-795-8550 to:

  • Report an absence
  • Leave school early
  • Arrive to school late

All absences must be phoned in by the parent or guardian by 12:00 p.m. (noon) of the day being missed or the absence will be unexcused.  Permits to leave the building must be obtained prior to leaving the building or the absence will be unexcused.

When calling in an absence, please leave the following information:

  • Student name and ID number
  • Year in school
  • Date of absence
  • Reason for Absence

Homework requests are fulfilled after 3 or more absences.  Homework requests take 24 hours.  Please call the following numbers for your specific homework request.

  • Absence due to Illness: 630-795-8550
  • Absence due to Suspension: 630-795-8551