Mathematics Tutor List

This list of volunteer tutors has been made available for the convenience of DGS parents and guardians.

The School District does not endorse, employ or evaluate the following individuals as tutors.

The School District is not responsible for coordinating or supervising tutor service.

Any tutoring arrangements (including payment arrangements) are made between the parent/guardian and the tutor and are independent of the School District.


Subject Areas



Mike Fernandez

Math 1, 2, 3 and Pre Cal., PSAT, SAT, ACT ONLINE ONLY

(630) 901-2264

Linda Gilmore

Anything including Calculus

(630) 204-2951

Neda Loehle

Algebra 1, 2, Trig, Geom., Honors Geometry, Pre-Calc

(630) 341-1258

Ryan Bollettino

Math 1 through Pre-Calc, PSAT, ACT, SAT

(773) 835-3131
Linda Lahey

Math 1-3, College Algebra, Pre-Calc, Calc BC

(708) 305-5971

Jonathan Schaefer Math 1 through Calculus (630) 209-5749

Erik Binter

All Levels including Calculus and Statistics

(630) 706-0016,

Donna Hlavacek Math 1-3, Foundations (630) 484-6411
Dan Dvoracek Math 1-3, Foundations, General, Consumer (630) 639-0337
Jeremy Jackson Foundations, Math 1 through College Algebra,
Pre-Calc Honors
(630) 362-1661
  Virtual Tutoring Services    
 Gwen Geiger  PreCalc, Calc AB, Calc BC  (630) 865-1980