Sophomore Year

During the sophomore year, the Counseling Department encourages students to explore careers and begin to plan the junior and senior years in accordance with post-secondary plans. In order to support student development in these areas, members of the Counseling Department meet with all sophomore students through the Sophomore Focus Program. Classroom presentations will take place during the fall. Students will become familiar with the resources available in the College and Career Center as well as the role of Naviance in the college/career planning process.  Students will also complete a personality assessment called the “Do What You Are Inventory” found under the career tab in Naviance. The assessment gives students information about individual strengths and learning styles and how this relates to potential careers. Specific career research strategies are discussed during the lesson and students are highly encouraged to continue exploring career possibilities. The following are some suggestions and opportunities available to assist students with the career exploration process.

  • Talk with family and friends about their college and career experiences.  Interview someone in a career area of interest.
  • Complete the “Career Interest Profiler” and “Cluster Finder” in Naviance.
  • Research several careers listed on the “Do What You Are Inventory”, “Career Interest Profiler”, and “Cluster Finder” in Naviance.
  • Listen to some of the interviews of people in a career of interest on Road Trip Nation in Naviance.
  • Consider attending the Technology Center of DuPage (TCD) Explore Day, Field Trip, or Open House.
  • Apply to participate in the Attainable Futures Program.
  • Look at the career resources page on the Counseling and Support Services Tab of the South High Website.
  • Consider attending a Summer Program. Listings can be found under Enrichment Programs in Naviance.
  • Attend the Kids Matter Volunteer Fair and Job Fair.
  • Review available electives offered at South High School and consider enrolling in a class that matches a career area of interest.
  • Consider applying for the DGS job shadowing program and/or attending the  career speaker series in the College and Career Center.