Counseling & Student Support Services

We envision that Downers Grove North High School students will graduate as well-rounded individuals who are ready to pursue their college and career goals. Our vision is that all students will possess self-awareness, think critically and accept personal responsibility; these traits will allow them to become leaders in an evolving society. Partnering with teachers, administrators, parents, and an invested community, DGN Counseling & Student Support Services is committed to helping all students to achieve these goals

DGN Counseling Department's “Discover You” Curriculum

Discover You

Formally known as group guidance, “Discover You” is the Tier 1 curriculum taught by the DGN Counselors. It is delivered in a classroom format to all grade levels throughout different times of the year. Lessons are specific to grade level with the overall purpose goal of helping students learn about themselves in order to prepare for life after high school. Using a number of different inventories, tools and online resources such as Naviance, students are able to view recommendations and suggested strength areas while they seek to develop an academic plan that supports them in achieving their goals. One of the goals of program development this year is to strengthen the vertical alignment between the different grade level presentations and promote the family/home connection around the post-secondary planning process. 

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