DGN - Student Support Services

Stefanie Andrews

Faculty - Department Chair

Since 2023, Stefanie Andrews has been the Department Chair for CSSS at North High Schoo...

Holly Babich

Administrative Assistant

Keith Bullock

Student Assistance Coordinator

Keith Bullock serves as the Student Assistant Coordinator at Downers Grove North High S...

Sherri Devore-Benitez

School Counselor

Starting in 2007, Dr. Sherri DeVore-Benitez has been a member of the Counseling and Stu...

Nicole Gibson

School Counselor

Since 2008, Nicole Gibson has been a school counselor at North High School. She earned ...

Hannah Green

Administrative Assistant II - College and Career Center

Hannah Green is the Administrative Assistant in the College & Career Center at Nort...

Kevin Johnson


Since 2016, Kevin Johnson has served as Dean of Students at North High. Mr. Johnson ear...

Paula Johnson

Administrative Assistant

Cyndi Karmik

School Counselor

Cyndi Karmik began her career with District 99 in August of 2004 as a Guidance Counselo...

Brian Kittinger

Social Worker

Brian came to DGN in 2007 after working three years in a therapeutic day school setting...

Kevin Leslie

School Counselor

Kevin Leslie has been a School Counselor at North High since 20011.   Also, Mr. Le...

Brett Littlehale

School Counselor

Since 2011, Brett Littlehale has worked as a school counselor at North High. He current...

Dr. Erin Ludwick

Associate Principal for Student Services

Dr. Erin Ludwick is the Associate Principal of Student Services at North High. Dr. Ludw...

Teri Manderino

College and Career School Counselor

Teri Manderino is the College and Career Counselor and also a generalist counselor. Ms....

Angela McAndrews

School Psychologist

Angela McAndrews has been the School Psychologist at North High since 2003. Ms. McAndre...

Kaitlyn McCormack

Social Worker / Intervention Coordinator

Katharine McDonald


Kathy is the building nurse at DGN. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Psychology ...

Colleen McLean

Social Worker

Colleen McLean has been working at North High since 1999. Ms. McLean provides social an...

Ruby Montano

Administrative Assistant - Health Services

Ruby Montano is the first face you see walking into the Nurse’s office. As admini...

Tracy Nehls

Executive Administrative Assistant to Assistant Principal for Counseling & Student Support Services

Tracy Nehls is the Administrative Assistant to Assistant Principal for Counseling and S...

Michael Pacer

Student Success Coordinator

Katelyn Pantke

School Counselor

Starting in 2018, Katelyn Pantke has served as a school counselor at North High. Ms. Pa...

Paul Rowley


As an Interventionist, Paul assists and supports students in their quest to improve aca...

Ruth Schneider


Ruth Schneider joined District 99 in 2005 and serves as the Registrar at Downers Grove ...

Greg Stolzer

School Counselor

As a counselor, Greg Stolzer works to support students academically, emotionally as wel...

Rebecca Talavera


Rebecca Talavera is the Dean of Students at North High. She earned her Bachelor's i...

Mary Beth Tamm


Starting in 2009, Mary Beth Tamm has been North High’s Certified School Nurse. Ms...

Tim Tilton


Tim Tilton is the Dean of Students at North High. Mr. Tilton earned his Bachelor of Art...

Alex Valdez

Social Worker

Alex has been working at DGN since 2019 and has been a school social worker for four ye...

Mark Wasik

School Counselor

Mark Wasik is a Guidance Counselor at Downers Grove North High School. He is also the V...

Terri Wilson

School Psychologist

Terri Wilson is North High’s School Psychologist. Ms. Wilson earned her Bachelor ...