Class of 2021 Upcoming Events and Information

Information up-to-date as of May 20, 2021

We are excited to celebrate the Class of 2021 on May 21 on Carsten’s Field at 7 p.m. We are expecting warm weather, so feel free to bring water to stay hydrated. 

For those who are unable to attend, we will be livestreaming the ceremony: here is the link.

Graduates are asked to arrive no later than 6:15 p.m. and meet on the west practice field. 

Gates will open to Carsten’s Field at 6 p.m. When waiting in line and finding your seat, please maintain social distancing to the greatest extent possible. Also, please be sure to wear your mask properly (over nose and mouth) at all times when on school property. While the CDC has relaxed mask guidelines for fully vaccinated individuals, they have instructed schools to continue to mandate masks. We thank you in advance for your respect and cooperation.

Please find a seat in a designated area as soon as you arrive. You may choose to sit in any of these areas:

  • Bleachers:  Our bleachers have been marked with decals to accommodate groups of four who will be socially distanced from one another. The decal marks the center for the group; in other words, two people will sit to the left of the decal and two will sit to the right of the decal. Please only sit in designated areas and in groups of four or less.
  • Track:  We will set up folding chairs in pairs for those who need ADA accessible seating only. (Our bleachers are also ADA accessible.)       
  • Field:  There is limited seating on the field behind the graduates. Folding chairs are set up in pairs; it is important that you do not move the chairs, even if you want to move them so you can sit together as a family. The chairs are set up in pairs not just for social distancing, but also as visual cues for our graduates as they process in the stadium and for aesthetic purposes. 

You might want to talk with your graduate before the ceremony about where they will be seated so that you can decide on the best place to sit.

Other reminders:

  • All guests must be seated; there will be no standing along the fence or in other areas inside the stadium.
  • Make arrangements to meet up with your graduate after the ceremony. Only graduates will be allowed inside the Fieldhouse or Purple Gym; families will be able to enter the field (or leave their seats on the track or field) after all graduates have recessed out of the stadium. Carsten’s Field will be open for families to take pictures after the ceremony should they wish.
  • Staff will be available in golf carts for those needing assistance from the parking lot to the stadium. Drop-offs can be done in the parking lot on the West side of the stadium.
  • So as to not impede sightlines, balloons and/or signage will not be allowed into the stadium.
  • To ensure that all students are recognized appropriately, please be respectful of others and hold your applause until all students have been awarded their diplomas. Everyone wants to hear their student’s name read, and any loud noise is disruptive. No noise makers are allowed.
  • Lifetouch will be taking individual photos during the ceremony; photos will be available approximately 10 days after the ceremony. Click here to sign up.


Updates regarding inclement weather: Guidelines for attendance at indoor events makes it impossible to move the ceremony indoors should there be inclement weather.  Because of that, we are reserving “rain date” times for Saturday and Sunday in the event of inclement weather.  If we are unable to hold the ceremony on Friday, we will hold the ceremony on Saturday, May 22 at either 10:00 am or 4:00 pm (again depending on the weather).  Should the weather on Saturday make both of those times impossible, we will hold the ceremony on Sunday, May 23 at 1:00 pm.  While we know that scheduling commencement in this way is not ideal, it does give us the best opportunity to have a meaningful ceremony for our graduates. 

Graduation is a formal event; as such, we strongly recommend that students dress in formal attire beneath their gown.  Because graduation will take place on the artificial turf surface on the football field, pointed heels are not allowed. Students are encouraged to wear flats or wedged heels to protect the turf.  

It’s important that graduates understand that they cannot make any changes to their graduation regalia.  We do not allow students to decorate the tops of their graduation caps, or wear any pins, tassels, cords, or stoles other than what is distributed at this event.  Feel free to reach out to Mr. Mirandola with any questions.



Due to a lack of activities taking place on campus this during the fall we pushed back the distribution date of this year’s yearbook.  This allowed us to capture more spring sports and events to include in the yearbook. This means that the distribution of our 2020-2021 yearbook will take place in August.


Congratulations to members of the Class of 2021!