WELCOME to the 23-24 School Year! 

As we look forward with great anticipation to our upcoming competitions, I want to reach out to everyone—athletes, fans, and family members alike- to ensure that you are all aware of our Positively North expectations and how these relate to athletics.

At North High, we have both high academic standards for our students as well as behavioral ones. Our Positively North program reinforces these standards, which are clearly defined and taught by classroom teachers at a designated time every month. Ultimately, our mission with Positively North is that students are respectful, responsible, and engaged.

In athletics, there are many opportunities to demonstrate a Positively North attitude. For example, our coaches and athletic staff are expected to be role models of good sportsmanship—and we also have the same expectations for all our students and parents.  (We also adhere to the IHSA Sportsmanship Code, which all students are required to sign as a condition of participating in our program. See our Athletic Handbook for details.)

As an athletic director, teacher, and coach for over 33 years, and a mother of two who participated in sports, I know there are times when tensions rise, and it isn't easy to keep emotions in check. To honor the integrity of athletic competitions, we ask you to:

  • Be positive.  Kids are embarrassed when parents and others coach from the stands or talk negatively about other players or coaches. Our N-Zone student section is instructed to cheer for everyone and take the high road—we expect everyone to do the same.
  • Respect the officials.  We have a process where coaches and the athletic director evaluate officials through the IHSA. Raising your voice at officials from the stands only worsens the situation. If there is an immediate need to intervene, our administrative staff is prepared to do that.
  • Please keep in mind the rules and expectations outlined in the Athletic Handbook. Participating in athletics is a privilege; all athletes must adhere to our strict code of conduct. Good sportsmanship is a direct result of the core values that we share. Attending our competitions is also a privilege, and we reserve the right to restrict entry and/or participation to those who cannot follow our expectations for sportsmanship.  
  • Help us keep everyone safe. Find an event supervisor/administrator to report inappropriate behavior in the stands or elsewhere. We will be sure to handle the situation confidentially immediately or after the event. You can inform our department through e-mail or phone; you may also use our confidential reporting page.

We salute our students, parents, and fans who demonstrate a Positively North ATTITUDE. Learning to win and lose in a proper manner is an important life skill to practice and something we value in District 99.

Looking forward to a Positively North Athletic Season!

Denise Kavanaugh

Athletic Director

Downers Grove North