ART CLUB- Ms. Bernard

Art club is a weekly meeting club which focuses on fun, seasonal crafts and new art experiences. Some projects might include: shrinky dinks, tie dying, pumpkin painting, pendant making, ornament crafting, working with clay, paint, and mod podge. The most important thing about art club is, we all have fun and support each other’s artistic endeavors. Art club is for everyone!!! 

AAPISU - Ms. Nageeb

The DGN Asian American Pacific Islander Student Union (AAPISU) connects our Asian American and Pacific-Islander students and encourages an understanding and celebration of cultures belonging to this diverse group. The AAPISU collaborates with other groups to increase cross-cultural alliances and comradery. DGN AAPISU has regular meetings for its members, organizes additional events for all students and staff, and hosts cultural school events during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in May. Join the Google Classroom with code: xazkoeb 


Auditorium Crew Technicians is composed of students who are responsible for the   lighting, sound and stage management for productions in the Clarence Johnson Auditorium. Any interested student may join the Auditorium Crew.

BASS FISHING- Mr. Guerrieri  

This IHSA club meets every other week to discuss fishing practices and watch videos. Our meetings are in room 311 at 7:30 am. Meetings are usually 25 minutes. Based on weather conditions our club meets at Barth pond for practice on Sundays from 1:00-2:00.  The 2014-15 Tournament dates April 25th Sectionals and May 9-10 State Final.

BLACK STUDENT UNION - Ms. Mitchell, Mr. White

The DGN Black Student Union is an organization used to connect our Black students and provide sounding boards for societal and school change. We collaborate with other groups to raise awareness through authentic allyship. DGN BSU hosts cultural school events during Black History month for students and staff.

BLUE PUZZLE- Ms. Virostko

Blue Puzzle meets twice a month and is for students with Autism and students’ mentors. Student mentors may know someone with Autism or want to become more knowledgeable about Autism. Our goals include: creating awareness to school and community about Autism, providing a mentor program for students with Autism, and providing social opportunities in a safe environment to learn appropriate social skills.x

BOOK CLUB -Ms. Siegert  

Book club is a student-led group of readers.  We read a different book each month and meet to discuss it or participate in activities based on that book.  The books we read are selected by group members, and are usually Lincoln Books. You can find out more at or see Ms. Siegert in the library.  New members are always welcome.


In this club students will create shows using our television studio as well as film-style projects, such as short films and music videos. We are looking for students who want to work in any aspect of film or television production in front of or behind the camera. If you’ve ever wanted to host or be a contestant on a game show or write, direct, or star in a music video, this is your chance. We are also looking for students interested in broadcasting live sports.Room 173. 

CAULDRON/YEARBOOK- Ms. Smith/ Ms. Abrahamsen

The yearbook tries to record all of the exciting events of the school year.  The staff meets daily.  They schedule photos, design layouts, write copy, type copy and do all other tasks of book publication.  Sophomores, juniors and seniors with above average grades and writing or photography talent are encouraged to apply for staff positions. The Cauldron may be purchased separately or as part of the publications ticket.


Circle of friends is a club that promotes lifelong friendships between students with disabilities and the student body at Downers Grove North.  We meet to discuss opportunities for all students to be included in school and community activities. The hope is that students will form lasting, meaningful friendships along the way.  Students are guided individually and in groups to promote awareness of disabilities and the   importance of including everyone in our school community. 

CHESS TEAM- Mr. Joseph

Chess Team is open to members interested in inter-school competition or recreational play. The team gives new players a chance to learn fundamentals and advanced players a chance to improve skills.  Matches are played with West Suburban Conference schools and tournaments are attended statewide. The Chess Team also attends IHSA State Team Chess Tournament and the State Individual Chess Tournament.  Practice is Mondays and Tuesdays after school in the Community Room.  Practice on Friday takes place remotely.  


Students organize and implement class activities, which are Homecoming, Spirit Week and concession stands at football games.  They also fund raise to offset prom and graduation expenses. Senior board organizes prom and graduation activities. All members have an active role and say in voicing concerns through class board.

Class 2024- Ms. VanWetering, Ms. McDonald

Class 2025 -Ms. Driscoll, Ms. Karasinski

Class of  2026 -Ms. O’Dell, Ms. Labud

Class 2027- Ms. Vargas, Ms. Majca


Color guard is a flag team composed of members from the Marching Band. The students perform routines at community events, school assemblies and home football games.  Band members interested in performing flag routines with tryout in February.


DGN Rock Climbing is a student group that travels to nearby climbing gym Vertical Endeavors to practice the sport of rock climbing. We also hold meetings at school monthly to introduce the basics of the sport and to talk about technique. This group is for anyone who likes to climb or is interested in climbing-no prior experience needed! 

DECA- Mr. Baca, Ms. Tajak 

DECA is an organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management.  DECA enhances the preparation for college and careers by connecting to businesses, the community, and promoting competition.  Students will have the opportunity to go to business seminars such as those put on by the Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bulls, and Great America to name a few. They will also be invited to a leadership seminar put on by high ranking business people describing their careers and how leadership will enhance success in the business world.  Civic activities and business competitions are also a part of this group’s activities for the year. 

DIRECT ACTION- Ms. Brown & Ms. Mangelsdorf

Direct Action is a community service club that works to “make a difference”. Volunteer opportunities are available for students to pick and choose activities of    interest that benefit our school, community and charitable causes. A goal of the club is to encourage students to make volunteering a way of life. 3:30-4:30 Tuesday 


Do you like the outdoors? Come join the Disc Golf Club.  Disc golf is similar to traditional golf, however, instead of using golf clubs and balls aiming for a hole, disc golf players use discs and aim for a disc golf basket. It is easy to learn, a healthy activity, and accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels. If you can throw a Frisbee and you like to have fun, you can play disc golf. Outings take place at local disc golf courses in the community on the weekends and practice will be at DGN on weekdays. Hope you can join us! 

DRAMA CLUB - Ms. Temple

Membership in the Drama Club is open to all students.  Members are encouraged to work on, perform in or usher for the many dramatic productions at North High. Club members also attend theater productions at high school, community and professional levels. Drama Club members learn to appreciate theater in all forms whether they choose acting, technical or managerial duties.  Students who fulfill 100 hours of theater experience in two of those three areas are inducted into the International Thespian Society. The Thespians at North High are Troupe 1856.  Room 248.

ELITE - Ms. Gilbert, Mr. Mirandola

ELITE stands for Everyday Leadership Inspired Through Example. This program. Which originated from merging key components of the B2B Fall Leadership Weekend and the J. Kyle Braid Leadership Organization, works with North students to help them reach their leadership potential. ELITE was created to give students a voice about activities that take place throughout the year and provide opportunities to lead by example. Students who are part of ELITE are looking to enhance the overall student experience at North by creating activities for the student body and strengthening the community in our building. Every fall, ELITE hosts the Fall Leadership Weekend held in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.


The Empowerment Club's goal is to give students at North the opportunity to get involved in their community. To achieve this, the club is broken into committees that are focused on certain issues to allow people to directly involve themselves in what they are most interested in. The committees include: Equality, Humanitarian, March for Uur Lives, Voter Outreach, Stop the Bleed, Sustainability, Social Media/Communications and Fundraising.  Each committee is student-led and club members are frequently coming up with new ways to get involved. 

E-Sports– Ms. Schallmoser

Esports has both a competitive and noncompetitive section.  Games that can be played on campus will be played together on a weekly basis.  Games that are played online will be determined by the amount of players and games of interest.  Competitive players will be competing both online and in person in various tournaments during the course of the school year. 

FCCLA - Ms. Tajak 

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is the Career and Technical Student Organization for Family and Consumer Science students.  FCCLA is designed for those students enrolled or interested in the areas of Foods, Fashion, Interior Design, Childcare, and Teaching.  FCCLA is a national student organization that helps young men and women become better leaders in their families, careers and communities.  Members have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership skills through participating at leadership conferences, regional and state competitions, as well as organizing North’s Dress Drive and Blood Drive.  FCCLA meets every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month after school in the foods room 217.  Contact Ms. Kordecki and Mrs. Tajak in the CTE office 211.

FRENCH CLUB -Ms. Houlihan

French Club provides all students enrolled in a French class with unique opportunities to interact with native speakers while participating in culturally enriching events. Activities planned for this year are cooking classes (taught in French), field trips to see a Canadian folk band and Parisian jazz band with a private meeting before the concert, fencing   lessons, pétanque (a French sport) taught by French members of the Chicago Pétanque Club, and more! Members who are in higher levels of French benefit from more challenging activities such as conversation brunches and dinners at restaurants throughout Chicago. Follow French Club on Twitter @DGNFrenchClub.

GERMAN CLUB- Ms. Hermann 

Hallo und Moin Moin. Would you like to go to Oktoberfest in DG and participate in the annual Brat-eating-contest? How about going to the Chicago Fire soccer game with your friends or helping out selling Advent Calendars and baking German Christmas cookies? Interested in going to the Christmas Market in Chicago or have a meal at Rosemont's Hofbräuhaus? Join us if one or all of these things sound appealing to you. We'll also have trivia and German movie nights and other cultural events.  Looking forward to seeing you soon. Frau B:-)

GOVERNMENT CLUB- Mr. Lichtenberg

Government Club is an organization for any student interested in participating in civic activities, which will enhance their understanding of one’s role and responsibilities in a participatory democracy.  The club aims to create leaders within our school community and provide opportunities for students to put the principles of civic learning into action. Activities include campaign opportunities, local government opportunities, voter registration drives, mock elections, election workers, peer jury, youth summit, and political discourse forums.

HOMECOMING STEERING COMMITTEE -Ms. Wostratzky, Ms. Ricklefs, Ms. McDonald, & Ms. Spahr-Thomas - Homecoming Steering Committee is a fall activity that revolves around the   Homecoming Week.  The committee consists of an assembly committee, a dance committee, a parade/elections committee, and a publicity committee.


Theatre students who fulfill a minimum of 100 hours of theatre experience in two different areas while working on productions at North High are eligible to be inducted into North High’s chapter of the International Thespian Society, Troupe 1856.    Members I good standing are eligible to be invited to attend the Illinois High School Theatre Festival every January.


Investment club will meet 3-4 times per semester in room 300 from 7:00 - 7:45 AM. Participates will study topics such as money management principles, how to deal with risk, types of investments, how to pick stocks, how to save for retirement, what factors cause stock market swings, etc. Also, students will be given $100,000 to invest in an online stock market contest. Prizes will be awarded for the most successful investors throughout the year! Meetings: Held 3-4 times per semester in room 300 from 7:00 - 7:45 AM. We have not yet set specific dates for these meetings. In addition to the meetings, the students will participate in an ongoing investment competition throughout the year.

IWILL- Mr. Heinz

The Independent Women in Leadership League, was founded in 2012 and focuses on two goals: activism in and service to both the school and the community to combat negative messages and images.  The group volunteers with the Run for Her Life 5K, sponsors a Women’s Leadership Panel in March, and works with other groups to promote a balanced understanding of all people.  The group meets the first Thursday of the month in room 271 at 7:30 and 3:30. 

Knit & Crochet Club-Ms. Beer

Crochet/Knitting club is a space for current fiber artists to meet and share projects, as well as help beginners learn either craft! Meetings will include workshops to teach crochet/knitting techniques, collaborative club projects, charity projects, and so much more! Meetings take place twice a month in room 301. All are welcome!


Languages and Cultural Club is intended to show the diversity of our world’s cultures and languages. The purpose of this club is to showcase the cross cultural connections between all of our students and how we can use those connections to learn more about each other and our world. We will be meeting at various times during the month to determine what we want to focus on for the next meeting and to figure out the goals that we have for ourselves as a group. We will socialize, discuss different topics and cultures, learn more about each other and most importantly have fun. Activities will include things like field trips, social outings, and food!!! Join google classroom with the code:2flnprq.


A club intended to help unite the Latino population at North by providing a community where students can celebrate their culture, have fun, discuss issues relevant to the Hispanic culture, develop leadership and have a voice. Activities include volunteer events, leadership conferences and more! Join us weekly after school on Thursdays in the Community Room. Google classroom code: DNCFFM Email Mrs. Pantke (  with any questions at all. .   

MATH TEAM- Ms. Heiwig

The math buffs of the school meet to sharpen their skills and to explore math concepts in depth.  Members practice for and participate in contests on the national, state and conference level- practice Mondays 12:35-1:15 pm.

MODEL UN -Mr. Rogala

Model United Nations is a club open to students interested in foreign policy, diplomacy, and current world issues. Club members meet throughout the year to debate, develop position papers, which will be presented at various model U.N. events. Student who wish may participate in various model U.N. competitive simulations around the state.

NATIONAL ART SOCIETY - Mr. Hoering, Mr. Voelker

NAHS is an organization dedicated to:Inspiring and recognizing those students who have shown outstanding ability in art Bringing art to the attention of the school and community Fostering excellence and a dedicated spirit to the pursuit of art Membership in this chapter shall be based upon art scholarship, service, and character. To be eligible for selection to membership in this chapter, the candidate must be a high school student enrolled in grade 9, 10, 11, or 12, and have completed a period equivalent to one semester of art in this school. An eligible candidate shall have a minimum art scholarship average of B. This is the national minimum standard of achievement required for eligibility and shall remain fixed. Members may remain active during such time when there is no art on their class schedule This year, the membership fee is waived for all students, DGN Arts will pay your fee!  Members are required to do a minimum of 10 service hours. Service hours will come in the form of community-based art projects and activities, such as the Memory Project, the Inside Out Project, and NAHS Conference participation and presentations with other local chapters from surrounding high schools. NAHS sponsors are Mr. Voelker and Mr. Hoering.Join our Google Classroom for details. The code to join is: tmz4btb

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY- Mr. Bodenheimer, Ms. Troyer

The National Honor Society is a national organization that empowers its members to exhibit Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character inside and outside of their school community. Only juniors and seniors are eligible to become part of the National Honor Society. To become eligible, students must possess a 3.5 weighted GPA at the end of their sophomore year. Applications are sent to all eligible juniors and seniors, to which, then, a staff committee reviews all submissions and determines who is accepted for that year. Those that are accepted are required to complete a set of service hours prior to the Induction Ceremony in the spring. Should you have any questions, please reach out to Mr. Bodenheimer and/or Mrs. Troyer. 

Peer Tutoring -TBA

NORTH STARS  LEADERS - Mr. Golan, Ms. Litchman, Ms. Moore

Membership is opened to qualified juniors and seniors who meet the Scholarship grade point requirement of 3.5, Leadership, Service and Character guidelines established by National Honor Society. A faculty committee reviews students’ applications and students are inducted upon completion of the service requirement.  Student Café/Room 349. Positively North Leaders welcome incoming ninth-grade and transfer students to DGN. The program is focused on providing support, guidance, and mentorship to incoming students, helping them feel more comfortable and confident as they enter a new and often larger educational environment.

Features of the Positively North Leader program:Peer Mentorship: juniors and seniors are mentors to the incoming freshmen. They are trained to guide and assist the freshmen in various aspects of their high school experience.

Orientation Activities: At the beginning of the school year, Positively North organizes an orientation day where the incoming freshmen & transfer students are introduced to their mentors and participate in icebreaker games, team-building exercises, and tours of the school campus.

Follow-Up and Check-Ins: The Positively North Leaders maintain contact with their assigned students, checking in on their progress, offering assistance, and providing a reliable point of contact for any questions or concerns.

Inclusive Environment: The Positively North program aims to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment where all incoming students feel valued and supported, contributing to a positive school culture.

NORTHWIND- Mr. Waite, Mr. Voelker

Published once a year by students interested in creative writing, Northwind offers students the opportunity to publish their prose and poetry and to read the creative work of their peers.  Northwind is sold as part of the publications ticket. Mondays after school Room 270. 

N-ZONE– Mr. Mirandola

N-Zone is a student-centered organization that will facilitate the resurgence of school pride and enhance the overall climate at Downers Grove North.  Members of the N-Zone support varsity athletics by spreading enthusiasm in school and establishing a positive, energetic student section at athletic contests. Meetings will be held prior to each athletic season.  Follow us on Twitter @dgNzone.

OMEGA NEWSPAPER- Ms. Levin, Mr. Landschoot

The student newspaper is produced by members of the Journalism I and II classes and other interested students.  Partially funded by student activity tickets, the paper is free to publication ticket holders and available to others at a small fee for each issue. Meets during Advanced Journalism Class every day Room 260.

ORCHESIS- Ms. Driscoll 

Orchesis, a co-ed dance group, allows students the opportunity to expand their dance and choreography experiences. Open to a variety of dance types, from tap to lyrical, from ballet to hip-hop, this group performs a culminating show in winter compiled of original student pieces. This group competes to perform in the Illinois High School Dance Festival and attends this festival in May as well. Professional choreographers and teachers are also brought in to give the group outside exposure to dance.


This adventurous group offers opportunities to take camping trips and to participate in activities such as rock climbing, caving, cross country skiing, canoeing, hiking, and biking. In the process, members develop a sense of environmental awareness. This   environmental awareness leads to activities that help preserve our outdoors such as recycling. 

PRISM- Ms. Mitchell, Mr. Manzke

PRISM will create a community of acceptance and diversity, focused on welcoming and maintaining a safe space for LGBTQ+ students and their allies. Our activism will focus on educating the DGN community as well as uniting with other DGN clubs in order to increase the inclusion and visibility of the LGBT community.

PSYCHOLOGY CLUB- Mr. Kittenger, Ms. McAndrews

The Psychology Club is a student organization composed of juniors and seniors who express an interest in the field of Psychology.  The goal of the club is to encourage, promote, and build a greater understanding of the field of psychology and to facilitate interaction among students.  The activities of the club consist of guest speakers, presentations, after school movie/video events, demonstrations, hands-on activities, and special awareness days/weeks.

SCHOLASTIC BOWL- Ms. Wlodek Holland

The Scholastic Bowl Team competes in the area of academics. Team members compete in mathematics, social studies, literature, science and fine arts. Matches are set up with the different schools throughout the state.


Science club members apply scientific concepts to build and maintain tools for teaching and learning science at North High. So far these tools include the courtyard pond, Thompson ring finger, and the PVC water-balloon launcher.  We’d like to build more tools every year!  Members also participate in scientific demos, discussion, and competition throughout the year. Room 306 3:30 pm.


American Sign Language Club is for any student interested in learning more about American Sign Language. We meet once a month to learn basic signs, practice with friends, and learn more about deaf culture. All are welcome and no sign language experience is necessary.

SKI and SNOWBOARD CLUB- Ms. VanWetering, Ms. McDonald

Instruction for the novice skier, trips to nearby downhill ski areas in Wisconsin, and a weekend trip to Michigan open the world of skis and snow to North High students. 

SNOWBALL- Mr. Bullock, Mr. Kittinger, Mr. Leslie, Ms. Sprengel, Mr. Stolzer

A community sponsored leadership program that uses group experiences and instruction to help teens deal with the issues of adolescent life.  It follows the framework of a prevention program operated for and by teens, with adult support. Operation Snowball’s purpose is to bring together teenagers and experts to share information and to develop positive attitudes toward life through an informal, social experience. 


The Spanish club at Downers Grove North is an extracurricular organization composed of students interested in the Spanish language and the various Spanish-speaking cultures around the world. Students, as a result of their membership, will increase their exposure to the culture and the customs of Spanish-speaking people in the United States and around the world through culturally related events. Additionally, the organization will help to organize and participate in both fundraising and philanthropy activities. All   students, no matter their proficiency in the language, are encouraged to join Spanish Club. If you are interested in finding out more about our events, follow Spanish Club on Twitter at Trojan Sombrero.


D99 Special Olympics is a district-wide program for DGN, DGS, and Transition students with cognitive impairments.  All players must register and qualify under the Special Olympics Illinois requirements. We currently offer basketball during the winter season and track and field during the spring season. There are opportunities for students without disabilities to volunteer in many capacities. Our goal is to increase school spirit and participation for students with special needs as well as to increase their athletic skills, teamwork, and socialization opportunities.  All interested Special Olympics players and student volunteers should contact Mr. Ahrens (DGS), Ms. Jaros (DGN), or Mr. Drenth (Transition).   

SPEECH TEAM-  Mr. Oakes 

Speech team gives students the opportunity to act, write, and argue in various interpretive and public speaking events.  With the help of a coach, the student learns to select, cut, rehearse, and perform material for competition.  Speech team members deepen their appreciation of literature and drama while they practice their skills competing across the state, earning both personal and team recognition at invitational and IHSA tournaments.  Students who participate may also qualify for the National Forensic League, an honorary organization. 

STUDENT COUNCIL- Ms. Wostratzky, Ms. Ricklefs

Student Council is made up of energetic and enthusiastic students who have a strong interest in their school. Members represent the student body in issues of concern to students. Council is also responsible for creating fun activities, working in the community, and involving the student body. Interested students should contact their counselor.


Imani is a co-ed dance club that specializes in a form of dance known as stepping.  Step is a rhythmic combination of clapping and stomping that often tells a story or portrays a mood or theme. This group practices twice a week and competes once a year at the west suburban steppers competition.  Participants may join for one or all of the three seasons: fall, winter and spring. 

TABLE TOP GAMING - Mr. Szymanski

This weekly club is open to all students interested in learning about and playing the   trading card game Magic: the gathering.  The club gives new players the chance to learn how to play and gives experienced players the chance to improve their skills.  At each gathering students get the chance to play, trade, and discuss magic cards as well as general socialization.  The club supports multiple formats of play as well as helping students create decks and skills that they may use at local tournaments if they wish.


Theater productions at North consist of main stage comedies, dramas, and one musical a year which is performed in the Clarence Johnson Auditorium, as well as intimate or experimental plays done in our Studio Theater.  Opportunities are created not only for students to perform in the shows, but to work on sets, props, costumes, lights, sound, and publicity.  Special opportunities are also created for students to assist the directors on the main stage shows and even direct their own shows in the Studio Theater.


The Tri-M Music Honor Society is an international organization with over 84,000 members around the globe. Students who should consider joining Tri-M are those who desire to perform, lead, and serve. Membership to the North High chapter of the Tri-M Music Honor Society opens up a world of opportunities for students who have already shown themselves to be academically capable and musically gifted. Through performance and community service, you will develop confidence, creativity, critical thinking, compassion, and a host of other leadership skills that will serve you well in school and beyond


The DGN Ukulele Club boasts a fun, welcoming environment where all are encouraged to come together to learn, teach, and enjoy the ukulele!  Together, we’ll explore new techniques, chords, and songs, while getting to know each other and building a supportive community.  We hope to see you at Ukulele Club this year and can’t wait to see where this adventure will take us! ,

WDGC Radio Club- Mr. Waite

In this club students can practice many different aspects of radio and audio production. Students can act as DJs on our on-air and on-line radio station, WDGC 88.3FM. Students can also take part in talk shows, game shows, radio dramas, and live sports broadcasting. We also have had live bands in the studios so students can learn audio engineering. If you love music, sports, and/or talking about the entertainment industry, we hope you will join us! , Room 173 

WOMEN in STEM-  Ms. Weishaar, Ms. Troyer

The Women in STEM club strives to provide an opportunity for students to follow their passions within the STEM fields. We are developing leaders that are making a difference in the world. Within the club we are creating a network to allow students to learn from each other, former students, and women involved in STEM careers.

DGN YOGA CLUB - Ms. McDonald

Students come to relax, stretch and start their day out feeling energized and ready to attack the day!  Yoga can help students lower their stress, relieve anxiety, improve brain function, increase flexibility, build stronger bones & improve their sense of balance.   All students are welcome to join in the fun.  Dress comfortably, bring a towel and water.  Mats are provided unless students prefer to use their own mats from home.