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The Science Department believes that a certain degree of familiarity with science is necessary for today’s world. We use a dynamic approach to teaching. Students have many avenues to learning, including: regional field trips, in-house field trips, practical application labs, and conferences to experience life in science after high school.

We offer several science tracks. The sequence of courses may vary depending upon one’s interests and needs. There are courses available for all levels of competence, ranging from 400 level sections for more advanced students to 200 level classes for students needing additional support and assistance.

The Science Department offers courses that are sequential in nature and prepare students for college in the biological and physical sciences. Most college admissions criteria include a minimum of at least three credits in laboratory science. Students who are planning careers in science, health, or technical areas should definitely have a three if not a four year foundation in science. The science department staff and the student's counselor will assist the student in course selection each year.

For more information regarding the differences between Advanced and non-Advanced science courses, please click the links below:


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Science Fair Open House

Downers Grove Public Library and D99 Science hosted a Science Fair open house for elementary and middle school students on November 30th at the Downers Grove Library. It was great to have over 100 students and their parents come to have “geek speak”. There were discussions about everything from weather balloons to testing local water sources for changes in pH levels to how to best power a Lego car with a balloon engine! It was exciting for both the high school volunteers as well as the younger students! We look forward to seeing everyone back on January 4th to help modify projects, practice presentations or add some final finishing touches to the students’ science fair projects! Go Science!

Golden Apple Winner

DGN at the Morton Arboretum

Mole Day 2016

Mole Day Event