DGN Administration

2022-23 DGN Administration (l-r): Denise Kavanaugh, Erin Ludwick, Keith Palz, Dr. Courtney DeMent, Mark Mirandola, Dr. Ken Sorensen, Kelly Zuerner, Michelle Cannan

Title Name Assistant Phone number
Principal Courtney DeMent Mary Wiley 630-795-8411
Associate Principal for Curriculum and Instruction

Keith Palz


Associate Principal for Operations and Technology Dr. Ken Sorensen Monica Vandermyde 630-795-8414
Associate Principal for Staff & Students

Kelly Zuerner

Christina Drazenovic 630-795-8412
Associate Principal for Student Support Services Dr. Erin Ludwick Tracy Nehls 630-795-8415
Director of Athletics Denise Kavanaugh Janice Sanders 630-795-8417
Director of Student Activities Mark Mirandola Sharon Mamula 630-795-8413
Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds Michelle Cannan Nicole Roback 630-795-8416