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Positively North: Positive Recognition

The Positively North Program recognizes DGN students for serving as role models by demonstrating positive actions and choices on a daily basis. For several years, we have recognized thousands of students and look forward to recognizing many more role models in the future.

2019-20 Lessons and Schedule

Each month, the Positively North team develops a lesson based on student interest and with input from teachers from various departments at North.

Each lesson is 20 minutes long and occurs once a month during Period 2 classes. North Star student leaders come in to lead the lesson by running activities and facilitating discussions.

  • September 9: Goal-setting
  • October 21: Red Ribbon Week - Drug and Alcohol Awareness
  • November 18: Social Activism and Changemakers
  • February 3: Healthy Relationships
  • March 16: Illinois Youth Survey
  • April 20: Digital Safety

Postively Awesome Award Recipients

Each week, the Positively North team selects students from teacher nominations. Teachers have the ability to recognize a student who went above and beyond that week or who acted as a positive role model for his/her peers. The teacher sends that student a Positively Awesome certificate, which is then hand-delivered to students in class by staff members on Fridays along with a cookie and/or a DGN pencil. Parents of students who get a Positively Awesome certificate receive an email notification as well.