Student Support Services


The Counseling and Student Support Services (CSSS) Department at North High School believes that all students have the right to a safe, supportive school in which we respect student’s values, beliefs and individual backgrounds. All students have strengths and potential for growth that are maximized through a developmentally-driven, comprehensive counseling program. Please read our vision and mission statements here.

Counseling & Student Support Services

Students who are struggling with social-emotional issues, have access to counseling services by counselors, psychologists, social workers, or the student assistance coordinator. Every student at DGN is assigned to an ALPHA TEAM based on their last name. Each ALPHA team includes counselors, a dean, a psychologist or social worker, a student assistance coordinator, and the nurse (see description/services below). These teams meet weekly to identify students who may need additional support, brainstorm interventions, and asses the effectiveness of the interventions. See ALPHA TEAM assignments and contact information. Our team includes:

  • Counselors - academic advisement, student advocacy, address social-emotional needs, access to support services
  • Psychologists - assessment, consultation, counseling; addressing social-emotional needs of students
  • Social Workers - assessment, consultation, counseling; addressing social-emotional needs of students
  • Student Assistance Coordinator - coordinate prevention and intervention activities to maintain a healthy student population
  • Deans - maintain safe schools, monitor school climate, attendance and discipline
  • Nurse - manage health office; leadership in prevention and intervention efforts for student physical health issues.

Mental Health Resources

Depression Awareness and Suicide Prevention:

Drugs and Teens (Information for Parents):