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North High strives to give families the information they need to be informed and involved. All students watch Friday Morning Video Announcements at the beginning of second period on Fridays; announcements are also emailed daily to all students and they are posted to the front page of our website daily.

Report an Absence

Report your student's absence by calling the school directly at (630) 795-8450

(Parents/guardians may also send an email to Brenda Secco OR to Catherine Barth. Please only email one person to report an absence.)

Home Access Center

To support students’ academic success and strengthen the partnership between parents, teachers and students, District 99 uses an online system called “Home Access Center” or HAC. This system provides real-time access to classroom grades, daily attendance, schedules, and assignments due. Both guardians and students have access to the system, and have separate logins. For guardians with more than one student at District 99, only one login is required. More information is available here!

View a tutorial about how to set up automatic alerts about your student's grades

View an explanation of the symbols that you may see in the Home Access Center

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