English & Communications

The major goal of the Department of English and Communication is to assist students in their development as articulate, effective speakers and writers of English, and to foster in them an appreciation of classic and contemporary literature.

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Four units of language arts credit are required to complete the language arts requirement. Additional credits may be selected to meet college entrance requirements, career goals, or interests.  In grades nine through eleven, students may choose from a small group of courses which have been designed to respond to a variety of needs of students at each grade level. In addition, students in these grade levels may also concurrently enroll in some electives: journalism, speech, drama, radio, television, and humanities. In twelfth grade, students must elect from a large group of courses, including an Expression course and a Literature course. Students may also elect additional Language Art courses.


Department Chair
Chris Bronke

Department Secretary
Maria Georgiou

Department Office
Room 268

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Chris Bronke

English & Communications Department Chair

Maria Georgiou

Secretary - English & Communications

Kyle Gullotto

Instructional Aide Specialist

John Waite