Career and Technical Education

Courses in the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Department are offered in the areas of Business, Computer Technology, Cooperative Career Education, Family and Consumer Science and Engineering & Design. CTE teaches technology, supports academic subjects and partners with the business community. Our courses begin to prepare students for a wide range of careers including Architect, Interior Designer, Accountant, Early Child Care and Education Teacher, Chef, Programming Engineer, Web Developer, Electrical and Electronic Technicians, Small Business Owners and Sales/Marketing Associates. Rigorous academic content tied to technical subject matter ensures that these students will be ready for college and work. Cooperative work experiences, a hallmark of career and technical education, are attractive to all students who want to get a head start on a career. All courses listed in the curriculum areas below satisfy the Career and Technical Education graduation requirement.

The knowledge gained in these courses will develop lifelong learning skills that foster flexible career paths and confidence in adapting to a workplace that demands constant change. Business competencies are essential because all students will: participate in the economic system as a consumer or as an employee, encounter a business environment that is characterized by global diversity, be a part of a team requiring leadership and interpersonal skills, and use technology as a tool for productivity.

Students will use various technologies throughout their high school career and beyond. Computer software, hardware, video, sound, animation and the other 21st century emerging technologies are changing the way we learn. Students taking computer courses in the Career and Technical Education Department will learn essential computer skills that will enable them to produce high-quality school projects, to obtain well-paying jobs, and to be equipped with the skills and knowledge that are required of all college students and employees in today’s Digital Age.

Students participating in this program will enroll in a class and work at an instructor-approved job training site. This combination provides students with the opportunity to transfer classroom knowledge to the work world. Students will learn valuable career skills that will benefit both those college-bound and work-bound after graduation.

Family and Consumer Science courses provide experiences which advance personal, educational, and career goals. Students will learn about: balancing personal and work lives, optimal nutrition and wellness, life management, employment and career development, consumer issues, and issues facing diverse families, communities, and work environments. Instruction is often individualized and many lab, hands-on classes are offered.

Engineering & Design courses enable students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to function in this rapidly changing technological world. Students enrolled in these courses will apply mathematics, science, mechanical and technical knowledge and principles to seek solutions and solve problems. Students will develop safe practices in the use of tools, materials and machines. Emphasis is placed on technical problem solving and developing an understanding of technical resources and processes.

*Development of job seeking and job seeking skills is an important component of all courses taught. Some of the elements in our courses include development of dependability, cooperation, and initiative. Development of safety skills is also integrated into our courses.


Department Chair
Kim Jablonski

Department Secretary
Karen Beagley

Department Office
Room 211

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