Physical Examination & Immunization Requirements

Freshmen Requirements

  1. A 9th grade physical is required for high school entrance (sports physicals are not acceptable). Use form IL 444-4737 (R-11-15).
  2. Immunizations must be included for Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis (Tdap), Polio, MMR (Measles/Mumps/Rubella), Hepatitis B series and Varicella.
  3. Complete the Health History Section (yes/no questions) by the parent/guardian, sign and date form. This is a requirement, if not completed, your form will be returned.
  4. Return the completed physical immediately to Health Services prior to July 28 for processing. (Physicals for 9th grade entrance are eligible for athletic participation for one (1) year.)
  5. Incomplete forms will be returned and your student will excluded from school and/or receiving their registration packet until the requirements have been completed.  School absences due to non-compliance with the School Code of Illinois requirements for immunization and physical examination are considered unexcused.

Transfer Students

  1. Students transferring from an Illinois school must bring a copy of their ninth grade physical with a complete and current immunization record to their registration appointment.
  2. Students transferring from out-of-state or country must also bring their prior school health records to the registration appointment.
  3. If your student is entering an Illinois school for the first time, then they must have a complete eye examination to be returned to Health Services upon completion.

Meningococcal Vaccination Requirement for 12th Grade

The State of Illinois has revised the requirement for the Meningococcal vaccine of students entering the 12th grade. Two doses of Meningococcal vaccination are required for entry into 12th grade. The first dose must be given on or after the 11th birthday, with the second dose administered at least eight weeks after the first dose. If the first dose of Meningococcal vaccine is administered on or after the 16th birthday, then only one dose is required for entry into 12th grade.

Senior students will not receive a registration packet on Packet Pick-up / Fee Payment day in August until the required vaccination information has been submitted to Health Services. Students will also be excluded from attending class on the first day of school, and every day thereafter, until documentation of the required vaccine has been received by Health Services.

Please submit proof of vaccination as soon as possible to the school nurse. Document may be submitted by fax, scan email or US mail.

Health Concerns

  1. Indicate any serious/chronic health issue on physical that your student may have prior to the start of school
  2. Notify the Health Services office any changes in medical conditions or emergency contact information.


  1. All over-the-counter and prescription medications taken during the school day must have a Medication Authorization form on file in our Health Service office signed by the prescribing physician and parent. Students are prohibited from carrying medication or storing medication in their lockers.
  2. Asthma and rescue epinephrine medication are the only medications permitted to be carried by the student. Please indicate on the physical if your student does carry this medication.

Any questions regarding the above policies can be directed to the Health Services office by calling 630-795-8480.