Your Senior Year

Commitment - Taking Action to Make it Happen

  • Enroll in a solid academic course load. Take Honors and AP classes when possible.
  • Realize that attendance and tardies still matter. Colleges and future employers will often evaluate your commitment and dedication based on number of absences as well as grades.
  • Check credits for graduation.
  • Retake the ACT in September or October, if necessary.
  • Be ready to apply to 3-6 colleges no later than November.
  • Submit college applications a minimum of two weeks in advance of deadlines. Make copies of all application materials for your records.
  • Attend presentations made by visiting college representatives in the College & Career Center. Take time to talk with representatives, particularly from colleges where you plan to apply.
  • Re-visit or visit colleges as needed. Do not make a college decision without first visiting the campus.
  • Complete FAFSA forms after January 1st, preferably no later than February 15th.
  • Students planning on joining the military must take an ASVAB test.
  • Research scholarship opportunities. Apply for scholarships.
  • By May 1st, make your final college choice and give an admission deposit to the one school you will attend.   Decline in writing the offers from all other schools.
  • Complete the appropriate paperwork for your chosen school--housing, extra financial aid forms, etc.
  • Write thank you notes to individuals who wrote letters of recommendation for you.
  • Finish your senior year with the same commitment you have shown in previous years.


Grade Level Parent Programs
2020 Open House Presentation
2020 Open House Slide Show
2020 College and Career Resource Open House Presentation

2020-21 Senior Calendar Coming Soon

September 8 - 11, 2020: Senior Discover You

September 9, 2020: College Financial Aid Q & A
Via Zoom
Financial Aid Q & A Power Point Presentation
Financial Aid Q & A Video

January 14, 2021: Conquering College Costs
Location TBD

Late February 2021: Diploma name changes due  
Forms available in the Counseling Office

TBD: Cap & Gown Distribution
2:30 p.m. Auditorium Lobby

May 5, 2021: Senior Awards
7:00 p.m. Auditorium

May 12, 2021: Panoramic Picture & Graduation Practice

May 15, 2021: Senior Prom

May 21, 2021: Graduation
7:00 p.m.