Class of 2026 - Incoming DGN Freshmen Class

Given the nature of the school right now and the restrictions placed upon schools with regards to large groups assembling, and uncertainty moving into the winter, the District 99 English Departments will not be offering/requiring the Honors English placement essay like in previous years.  We will continue to rely upon any/all data we receive from the sender school as well as the teacher recommendation.  We appreciate your understanding given the constraints placed upon us this year.  If you/your student is interested in honors, they should be sure to communicate that with their current 8th-grade teacher.

Even though you are currently in 8th grade, starting to think about high school now will help in making the most out of your 8th grade school year. We look forward to welcoming you to DGN in the Fall of 2022! In order to ensure a successful transition, several activities will occur this year to help each student have as smooth of a transition to high school as possible. Keep visiting this site throughout the school year to gather information about your transition to high school.

Calendar of activities for 8th grade students

  • 8th grade Honors English writing assessments - TBA
  • January 31, 2022 - Class of 2026 Freshmen Orientation Night 
  • February 05, 2022 - Class of 2026 Freshmen Course Selection

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