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Positively North: Positive Recognition

The Positively North Program recognizes DGN students for serving as role models by demonstrating positive actions and choices on a daily basis. For several years, we have recognized thousands of students and look forward to recognizing many more role models in the future.

2019-20 Lessons and Schedule

Each month, the Positively North team develops a lesson based on student interest and with input from teachers from various departments at North.

Each lesson is 20 minutes long and occurs once a month during Period 2 classes. North Star student leaders come in to lead the lesson by running activities and facilitating discussions.

  • September 9: Goal-setting
  • October 21: Red Ribbon Week - Drug and Alcohol Awareness
  • November 18: Healthy Relationships
  • February 3: DGN Changemakers 
    • Students learned about the Changemakers’ goal of encouraging empathy and inclusion through telling our stories. By sharing our own individual stories, we can see how each of us fits into North’s larger, diverse narrative. Watch the video now!
  • March 16: Illinois Youth Survey
    • This anonymous survey provides DGN with reliable and valid data to better meet the educational, social, and emotional needs of our students.  
  • April 20: Digital Safety
    • Students will reflect on their own digital footprints and how to make sensible and safe decisions about their online profile.

Postively Awesome Award Recipients

Each week, the Positively North team selects students from teacher nominations. Teachers have the ability to recognize a student who went above and beyond that week or who acted as a positive role model for his/her peers. The teacher sends that student a Positively Awesome certificate, which is then hand-delivered to students in class by staff members on Fridays along with a cookie and/or a DGN pencil. Parents of students who get a Positively Awesome certificate receive an email notification as well.