Positively North: Positive Recognition

The Positively North Program recognizes DGN students for serving as role models by demonstrating positive actions and choices on a daily basis. For several years, we have recognized thousands of students and look forward to recognizing many more role models in the future.

2021-22 Lessons and Schedule

Throughout the year, the Positively North team will provide a lesson based on skills related to being respectful, responsible, and engaged.  Each lesson will be shared with the students and families via email.  Staff will encourage students to take the time to view the videos and participate in any follow-up activities available to the students.

Postively Awesome Award Recipients

The Positively North team recognizes students from teacher nominations. Teachers have the ability to recognize a student who went above and beyond and who acted as a positive role model for his/her peers. The teacher sends that student a Positively North certificate, which is then emailed to the students within a very short time of the recognition being made.  Parents, teachers, coaches, and counselors of students who get a Positively North Awesome certificate may receive a copy of that email notification as well.