District 99 Student Services

Student Services in District 99 encompasses both the Counseling and Student Support Services Department as well as Special Services Departments.  See a short description of each and the associated contact information below for District Leadership and appropriate contacts at each of the buildings.  

The goal of these departments is to provide comprehensive support to all students’ personal/social, academic and post secondary planning needs by partnering with the D99 staff community, students and parents. 

District Leadership Team:

  • Scott Wuggazer, Assistant Superintendent for Student Services, 630-795-7113, swuggazer@csd99.org
    • Mary Kloss, Executive Administrative Assistant, 630 -795-7114, mkloss@csd99.org

Scott is located at the Administrative Services Center and works collaboratively with the Director of Special Services as well as each of the Assistant Principals for Student Services at North and South.  

District 99 is committed to providing a comprehensive continuum of educational services to all identified eligible students with a disability in order to maximize their academic achievement and acquire appropriate life skills to support their post-secondary goals.  We have a critical responsibility to provide a structure that allows for equitable opportunities for all students in the least restrictive environment, tailored to their individual needs.

Lisa is located at the Administrative Services Center and works collaboratively with the building’s Special Services Department Chairs and T99’s Coordinator.  Lisa also services our students and their families when their student requires a specialized school environment outside of District 99’s buildings.  

Building Teams:

Both Downers Grove North and South have websites linked below to take you directly to their Counseling and Student Support Services Departments  as well as Special Services Departments. These websites will provide more  detailed information about programming and services specific to each campus.  

Downers Grove North Student Services:

Downers Grove South Student Services:

Transition 99
District 99 also has a Transition Center that provides special services to young adults ages 18-21 once they leave DGN/DGS. This unique program is located on Venard Road off of Ogden Ave in its own dedicated building nestled within the larger Downers Grove community. Transition 99 exists to provide life and vocational skill practice for our students within their own home community to prepare for life after school services. 



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