Hybrid Block Schedule

To better prepare students for the future after high school, District 99 has implemented a Hybrid Block Schedule. A key feature of the schedule are the new “ACCESS” and “Resource” periods on Block Days.


“ACCESS” takes place on Wednesdays and Thursdays for 30 minutes. Similar to a traditional “homeroom,” students are grouped with the same set of students, in the same grade, and led by the same teachers. They remain in their assigned ACCESS group during their time at North High and South High.  There are detailed lesson plans for our instructors to deliver the all-school programming held during ACCESS, which is focused on the following areas:

  • Encouraging Student Personal Growth - We provide lessons to help students better navigate the world around them–whether that is building positive relationships, making positive decisions, managing stress or anxiety, maintaining safety online, building grit, or simply reflecting on their progress and setting effective goals for themselves.
  • Building College & Career Ready Skills - To make our students life ready, we provide executive functioning lessons, which builds communication, organization, note-taking and time-management skills, and we offer counseling presentations for students to plan for their futures–no matter what path they choose.
  • Increasing Student Academic Support - Our ‘Student Support with a Pass’ program allows teachers to provide targeted assistance for individual students or a small group of students who may struggle on the same skill within the school day and affords students the opportunity to reach out to a teacher, to connect with a peer tutor, or to develop a study group on ‘Student Autonomy’ days. Learn about these programs.

In addition to the lessons, by completing activities such as required safety drills and state surveys, we reduce classroom interruptions. 


“Resource” takes place on Wednesdays OR Thursdays for approximately 35-40 minutes during a student's regularly scheduled lunch period. Some of the programs are required or required for certain grade levels; others are optional. 

  • Enriching Their High School Experience - This dedicated time allows students to find where they belong in District 99 by participating with the North Stars or Blue Crew, preparing for Homecoming with spirit activities, or seeking out how to get involved with our activities or athletics programs. We also provide programming that encourages students to help make a difference in their school communities.
  • Investigating Potential Future Careers - Students will have the opportunity to hear from professionals from a wide variety of potential career paths–military, trades, medical, and many others. They will also have the chance to ask questions about what skills are necessary to be successful in those careers and to participate in a job fair just before considering summer employment. 
  • Exploring Colleges & the Application Process - Students will be learn about how to navigate the college process in a variety of ways: they will be able to hear from College Representatives about their academic institutions, to get tips from experts on the application process, and to better understand the ins and out of the financial aid process.
  • Reinforcing the School Community - Students will have the opportunity to learn about how to access school services and supports, to reinforce school expectations, and to learn about ways to challenge themselves as students–whether that is seeking out a new elective course or engaging in an AP course.    

After completion of each program, students may study in the commons areas, including the library and cafeteria. Students may also seek academic or CSSS supports during this time. 

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