Students writingThe District 99 Office of Student Learning oversees curriculum, program development, assessment, academic supports and interventions, non-special education grant programs, English Language Learners (ELL) services, state reporting, textbook adoption, and other related areas.

Its mission is to keep performance and achievement at District 99 on an upward trend, and look for ways for the district to build, enhance and improve academic programs for students. It works in close partnership with the academic departments at both North High and South High, to offer the highest levels of academic rigor and support to students.

(Required posting of Notice of D99 Faculty Qualifications)

To learn more about the ten academic department at each of our schools and to find academic support resources, please visit:

Equity & Social Studies - Mandates, Standards, District Vision and Teaching Practices

Need help? Please contact:

Gina Ziccardi, Associate Superintendent for Student Learning, 630-795-7111
Robert Lang, Assistant Superintendent for Staff Services, 630-795-7119

Ryan Doherty, Director of Student Experiences, 630-795-7116
Cat Marron, Secretary, 630-795-7112
Colleen Daly, Secretary, 630-795-7134