ASC Staff Directory

Heather Aimone

Special Services Assistant

Wendi L Andree

Human Resources

Melinda Baur

ASC Administrative Assistant

Jeffrey Bergholtz

Director of Human Resources

Lisa Bollow

Director of Special Services

Jill Browning

Director of Communications

Colleen Daly

State Reporting & Assessment Specialist

Colleen Davoren

Network Infrastructure Manager

Tony Dotts

Network Systems Administrator

Jeree Ethridge

Business Manager

Juli Gniadek

Secretary - Office of the Superintendent

Aja Johnson

Human Resources Administrative Assistant

Kristin Kelly

Communications Specialist

Jim Kolodziej

Director, Phys Plant & Operations/Purchasing

Kristen Kucharski

Assistant to the Director of Physical Plant/ Facility Rental Manager

Dr. Robert Lang

Assistant Superintendent for Staff Services

Cathy Marron

Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning

Rod Russeau

Director, Technology & Information Services

Jim Struck

Information Systems Manager

Dr. Hank Thiele


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Jill E Tomanich

Accounts Payable

Scott Wuggazer

Assistant Superintendent for Student Services

Gina Ziccardi

Associate Superintendent for Student Learning