Emergency Closing Information

To ensure the safety of students, emergency school closings may be necessary due to inclement weather, power outages, loss of water or other hazardous conditions. Decisions regarding emergency closings will be made by 6 a.m.

For information about Emergency School Closings:

Access the District 99, North High and South High Websites

Information on school closings will be on an emergency alert on the first page of the District 99, North High and South High websites and posted as soon as possible after a decision has been made to close the schools.

Receive Automated Phone Calls, Emails and Text Messages

All District 99 parents and staff will receive an automated phone call and email notifying them of a school closing. The system will leave messages on answering machines/voicemail or with someone answering the phone. Multiple attempts will be made to contact families about school closings and other critical information.

District 99 employees: Please see "District and School closing clarification" for information about emergency day expectations.

Listen to Local Media Sources

Many area radio and TV stations carry information on school closings. We inform the Chicagoland Computerized Emergency Closing Center, which notifies the following radio and TV stations: WGN (720); WBBM (780); CBS TV Channel 2; NBC Channel 5; ABC Channel 7; WGN TV Channel 9; FOX Channel 32 and CLTV News.

You may also check online at http://www.emergencyclosings.com

Call the District or School Directly

  • District offices: 630-795-7100
  • North High: 630-795-8400
  • South High: 630-795-8500

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Decide When To Close Schools?

The decision to close is based on many factors.

  • Building conditions: Do the buildings have power, light and heat?
  • Site conditions: Is the parking lot plowed? Can buses get in and turn around, can parents drop off students and are the exit doors free of snow?
  • Bus operations: Can the bus drivers get to the bus company? Do the buses start and do the drivers feel comfortable driving?
  • Road conditions: Are the roads continually plowed and is traffic moving?
  • Air temperature: How cold is it? Are the temperature and wind chill bearable? (See additional info, below.)

If the answer is yes to all of these questions, most likely the decision will be to keep schools open.

Extremely Cold Temperatures

There are times when schools may need to be closed due to dangerously cold temperatures. In these situations, wind chill is also taken into account, as well as the extent to which the temperatures are sustained throughout the school day. District 99 has collaborated with the other associated school districts to develop consistent standards. We will likely close school based on conditions when frostbite may occur after approximately 20 minutes of exposure during the times students are travelling to or from school. District 99 will use weather information from the National Weather Service when making these decisions. Please refer to the District 99 Wind Chill Chart for additional information. 

Who Makes The Decision And Where Do You Get Your Information?

The superintendent of schools makes the decision to close the schools. The superintendent consults with some or all of the following: area superintendents, associated feeder school superintendents, the bus company and the police departments.

When Do You Make The Decision To Close A School?

The decision to close the schools is usually made very early in the morning, before 6 a.m., unless we learn of severe weather conditions headed this way. That way teachers and students getting an early start to school can be informed.

It's not an easy decision and one that has an impact not only on teachers and students, but families and working parents. If schools are closed, another day of attendance is added to the school calendar, which can affect the graduation schedule, senior exams and vacations.

What are Current Weather Conditions?

The College of DuPage has created weather webpages specifically for District 99! See the following links, provided by the COD Meterology program!