Board of Education

BOE Meeting - Transition

We welcome and encourage open communication at District 99, because we believe that it ultimately benefits our students and our community. We invite you to attend our Board of Education workshops and business meetings; please note our protocol for addressing the Board. For basic information about the role and responsibilities of the Board of Education, please see this guide.

We ask that students, parents, community members and staff submit their comments and questions for the school board through the superintendent, who will then notify the Board. Or you may choose to:

NOTE: If you choose to contact an individual board member directly, your message may be shared with the superintendent and other board members.  (See board policy regarding Communications.)

D99 Board Protocols

Contacting the Board

Send an email to all members of the Board of Education here.

If it is necessary to communicate with an individual Board Member, please see this page for a listing of members and email addresses.