U.S. News & World Report High School Rankings

U.S. News & World Report High School Rankings

District 99 ranks among the top schools in the state and nation among U.S. News & World Report Best High Schools

District 99’s two high schools rank among the top schools in the U.S. News & World Report’s 2023 listing of America’s Best High Schools. Among 724 Illinois high schools, North High was ranked 54th and South High was ranked 108th. Nationally, North High ranked 1,228 and South High ranked 3,097 out of 17,655 high schools.  

“The U.S. News & World Report article confirms what we already know: District 99 schools are two of  the best schools in Illinois and the nation,” says Dr. Hank Thiele, superintendent. “More reflective of our performance are measures tracked by the State of Illinois, which provide a more comprehensive picture of our quality educational programs.” Please see www.illinoisreportcard.com for details.

Many of the schools ranked highest on the U.S. News & World Report list are schools with selective enrollment and are not similar to large comprehensive public high schools like those in District 99.