In addition to assessments they take in class, students take standardized tests as ways to track their learning and give teachers valuable information. District 99 is also required by the state of Illinois to give other assessments; scores are used by faculty and staff to make instructional and programmatic decisions. 

View a complete list of the 2023-24 D99 assessments

ISBE FAQ about ACT - June 2024  

2024 Required State Assessments

Grade Assessment Date
PSAT 8/9 April 10, 2024
10   PSAT 10 April 10, 2024
11   SAT April 11, 2024


Illinois Science Assessment  

March 19, 2024

The College Board provides complete information about the series of tests (PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, and SAT) on their website here as well as information about free test prep by Khan Academy.  


STAR Assessment Link


FAQ About the SAT Suite of Assessments at District 99

D99 SAT Testing Days  

Format of the SAT


Strategies for Test Taking


What SAT assessments does District 99 administer?

District 99 administers the suite of SAT assessments to all District 99 freshmen, sophomores and juniors. Freshmen take the PSAT 8/9, sophomores take the PSAT 10 and juniors take the SAT. View information about the SAT suite of assessments here

All students are automatically registered to take these assessments through District 99. Students do not need to take any other action to register.

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Are students required to take the test? 

Yes. All juniors in the state of Illinois are required to take the SAT test.

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Is the SAT that District 99 will administer to juniors considered an "official" assessment?

Yes. The SAT that juniors will take at school for free is an official test with essay. Students can use this score when applying to colleges; students may send their score to up to four colleges. They will select which colleges during their English classes, before the SAT is administered. NOTE: Although the scores will appear on the student’s transcript, many colleges/universities require an official score report directly from CollegeBoard. Please check with each college/university on their requirements.  

Visit the College Board website for details about other testing dates, which are available at the student’s expense.

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Do colleges and universities in the Midwest accept the SAT?

Yes. All colleges and universities in the U.S. will accept results from either the SAT or the ACT.

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Can students send their scores directly to a college or university?

Yes. For free, students can send up to four score reports from the school-administered SAT test to the colleges of their choice. All juniors will receive time in their English class in their ACCESS class to complete this portion of the SAT ahead of time, and select where to send their scores. Students must select which schools to send the report three weeks before or up to nine days after the test.during pre-administration or in the timeframe outlined by the instructions. 

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Has the SAT changed over the years?

The new SAT was administered for the first time in March 2016. The new SAT is aligned to the New Illinois Learning Standards and is very different from the old SAT. Read more about these changes here.

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What information is included on the SAT?

The SAT includes two sections comprised of three tests: Evidence Based Reading, Math, Writing & Language and an optional essay. (The essay will be part of the school-administered test.)

  • Evidence Based Reading is made up of passages or pairs of passages (literature, historical documents, social sciences, and natural sciences).
  • Math is based on content in the strands of algebra, advanced algebra, geometry, statistics and some trigonometry. District 99’s integrated math curriculum prepares students for the compilation of this math content.
  • Writing & Language is based on grammar, vocabulary in context, and editing skills.
  • The essay is based on a passage and students explain how the author builds a persuasive argument.

For detailed information, see the College Board website here.

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Are students penalized for guessing on the SAT?

No. Students are not penalized for guessing on the SAT.

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What scores will students receive?

Students will receive a total score that ranges between 400 and 1600. There are two section Scores, Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (200-800) and Math (200-800). In addition, students will receive cross-test scores and various subscores. See the College Board website to understand more about the score structure.

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As a junior, I'm required to take the SAT at school, but should I also take the ACT?

It is a good idea for students to take a practice test for the ACT to determine whether the SAT or ACT assessment might be the best fit. Practicing will allow students to understand the types of questions each assessment covers as well as the time allotted for responding. You may find that you perform better on one test versus the other. Remember, colleges and universities will accept either the SAT or ACT.

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What resources are available to prepare for the SAT?

One major benefit of the SAT suite of assessments is the customized instruction that students receive. Free practice resources are available through Khan Academy. A student will need to link their College Board account with Khan Academy.

  • Resources for students to prepare include:
  • Being present and paying close attention in class
  • Finding out what questions you'll see on the SAT (check here)
  • Taking SAT Practice on Khan Academy (check here)
  • Simulating test day by taking a practice test (check here)
  • Downloading the free practice app called “Daily Practice SAT,” for iPhone and Android devices (view info and to download here)

Daily practice app

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How many times should a student take the SAT or ACT?

This decision is best made by the individual student and family. For most students, three times is about the maximum between the start of the junior year and the middle of the senior year. In some special cases, four times may be needed, but that should be the exception.

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What test prep companies does D99 recommend?

District 99 does not endorse private test prep companies. As a convenience, some test prep information is available on the North (check here) and South (check here) websites.

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