2 students using a laptopDistrict 99 students have the opportunity to explore a wide range of subjects in over 200 courses across a variety of departments including: English, fine arts, math, science, social studies, world language, health and career and technical education.

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In addition, challenging Advanced Placement courses are offered. 

To learn more about our individual academic departments, please visit North High's academic and South High's academic web pages.

An Integrated Approach

As a district, we follow the Illinois Learning Standards, which set forth goals and expectations for Illinois students. Unique to our district, we've adopted the standards across all of our academic departments. By integrating the standards across all departments, we believe students will receive more consistent and higher quality instruction.

Our math department is fully aligned to the new standards. Our sequence of math is different from the historical progression. Rather than being taught as separate courses, algebra, geometry and statistics content are presented in a more integrated, coherent and practical way to students. District 99 courses are also aligned with the new English Language standards.

Credit for Proficiency

Seal of Biliteracy Program

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