Relationships & Reproduction: Health Unit

Standards and Resources


When is the health curriculum taught?
In the fall, the Relationships & Reproduction unit is taught in health classes in mid to late November or December; it lasts no more than two weeks. Typically 10th grade students are enrolled in health class.  In the spring, the unit is taught in April or May.

What are the national standards? What are the state standards?
The State of Illinois adopted the National Standards (Keeping Kids Safe Act); District 99 has not made any changes to its health curriculum as the standards do not conflict with our curriculum.

What related topics are covered?
Human reproductive and sexual response systems, pregnancy, abuse, sexual consent, sexually transmitted diseases, contraceptive and disease prevention methods, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, behavior and identity are some of the topics covered in this unit. Please see this document for complete descriptions and associated resources. 

How do I opt my student out of the curriculum?
To opt your student out of the Relationships & Reproduction unit, please download and complete this form at least two weeks before the start of the Relationships & Reproduction unit. NOTE: You can only opt out your student if they are currently enrolled in Health Class.

Can I opt my student out of Health Class completely?
No. Completing health is a graduation requirement. 

If my student does not participate, what alternative lessons will they receive?
Your student will receive alternative assignments instead of participating in the unit, and be directed to the library to complete this work while the class is in session. 

Other Questions? 
Contact Physical Education, Health and Driver Education Department Chairs Courtney White at (DGN) or Scott Lange at (DGS).