e-Learning Days at District 99

District 99’s e-Learning Program allows us to substitute emergency cancellation days with e-Learning days. On these days students will check in with their teachers virtually and use their Chromebooks to receive assignments when the school building is closed. (See the standards for emergency closing here.)

e-Learning Day Process and Expectations

  • District 99 will announce an e-Learning Day via our standard emergency procedures (text, phone and email) as soon as possible in the morning.
  • Using their Chromebooks and accessing the internet, students must check-in for school by 6 p.m. using the attendance form that will be sent to their District 99 email address. If they do not check in by this time, they will be marked as absent. 
  • In advance of an e-Learning Day, teachers will have informed students of their process for e-Learning Day assignments. 
  • During the e-Learning Day, students will access and complete assignments that are meaningful and continue to advance them through the curriculum. There will be an assignment given in every class that will take students a maximum of 50 minutes to complete. Assignments will vary based on a teacher's instructional goals.
  • As with any assignment, students will know the goal of the lesson, what resources will be needed to complete the lesson, how they will submit the work, and how it will be assessed.
  • Assignments may be any combination of learning tasks (instruction, reading, researching, writing, etc.), and will not necessarily be technology-based. 
  • There is no set time of when students must access assignments during the e-Learning Day; for example, if a student has math class during 3rd period, they will not be required to access the materials during that specific time. 
  • Teachers will make appropriate e-Learning Day assignments and due dates. When deciding on due dates, teachers will consider the possibility of students losing the ability to complete the work, given the nature of an emergency closing.
  • During school hours (8 a.m. to 3:20 p.m.), students may email their teachers if they need assistance with their assignments for the day.
Do you have questions about e-Learning Days? Please email your question to communications@csd99.org.