DGS Drama presents "9th Grade: Unplugged"

DGS Drama presents "9th Grade: Unplugged"

DGS Drama proudly presents the freshman play, "9th Grade: Unplugged". 9th Grade can be a difficult time for anyone, especially when there is a new zero-tolerance cell phone policy.  But when 9th Grader Dorthy transfers to Downers Grove South, she is not expecting a school-wide power outage!  How will Dorthy make it through her first day of school? How will students learn without Chromebooks? And why is the power off? 


Dates & Times: 

  • Friday, September 22nd at 7:00 PM, Studio Theatre 
  • Saturday, September 23rd at 2 PM, Studio Theatre 
  • Saturday, September 23rd at 7:00 PM, Studio Theatre 


Ticket Cost: 

  • General Admission: $10
  • Senior Citizens: $5
  • High School Students get in free with their DGS or DGN ID


Cast & Crew:

Director of the Play: Mr. Justin Matkovich 

Technical Director: Mr. William Evans


The 9th Graders

Dorthy - Anvi Krishnardula

Em - Adele Kelly

Glinda - Ellen Toohey

Headmistress - Joy Haddleton

Mrs. Kermit - Leah Chapman

IT Wizard - Maxwell Opila

Eliana - Alexis Dmytryszyn

Lilly - Elizabeth Mast

Santiago - Ally O’Connor

Sasha - Maggie DeAlba

Macy - Noel Rogers

Nathan - Ethan Figueroa

Alexa - Ella Forsman

Marcel - Nyla Williams-Jordan

Victoria - Siobhan Diaz

Hailey - Winter Leibundguth

Lelea - Isabella Martinez-

Aubrey - Julia Gabrenaite


The Upper Classman

Announcer - Sebastian Blanco/Abby Heavrin/Kasey Ganer

Mrs. Anderson - Gianna Caponigro

Ms. Roberts - Audrey Jayne

Super Senior 3000 - Will Elliott

Mrs. Marcel - Layla Orozco

Security/Alien - Nathan Hillman

Security/Alien - Natalia Restrepo

Phone Student - Elijah Morton

The Student Directors

Theo Birch - 10th Grade

Sebastian Blanco - 11th Grade

Gianna Caponigro - 12th Grade

Charlotte Clinnin - 10th Grade

Sabrina Crowley - 12th Grade

Will Elliott - 12th Grade

Maija Flannery - 12th Grade

Kasey Ganger - 10th Grade

Abby Heavrin - 10th Grade

Nathan Hillman - 10th Grade

Audrey Jayne - 12th Grade

Eliana McCauley - 10th Grade

Elijah Morton - 12th Grade

Layla Orozco - 12th Grade

Natalia Restrepo - 11th Grade

Claire Rhoads - 12th Grade

Naomi Yong - 12th Grade

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