Yearbook Photos for Grades 9, 10, 11

Yearbook Photos for Grades 9, 10, 11

Sign Up for Underclassmen (Grades 9, 10, 11) Photos Today!

Underclassmen Photos  
We are excited to offer our underclassmen students an opportunity to take their yearbook photos safely on Saturday, August 29, or Saturday, September 12th. Sign up is required and slots are limited per day. A make-up date will be scheduled, we will announce this date soon.

Please select your time slot and arrive on time at the start of the hour wearing your mask. Students must adhere to the safety guidelines that have been put in place to ensure the safety of all while taking their yearbook photo. During the picture, students will be able to remove their mask to smile and after they are finished taking the photo, they must put their mask back on before leaving campus. 

Safety Guidelines for Underclassmen Yearbook Portraits: 

  • Please take your temperature and self certify at home before arriving at school. 
  • Enter through the main entrance (Door 2) wearing a mask. 
  • Check in with staff upon your arrival for your appointment. 
  • Please know your school ID # for check in
  • Watch the Lifetouch safety video

Sign Up for Underclassmen Photos Today! 
Sign up is required and slots are limited per day. Each student is allowed one photography appointment to be included in the yearbook! Please note: students must sign up for an appointment using their CSD99 email account.

Click here to register for an appointment! 

Purchasing Photos
Are you interested in purchasing photos? Please visit the Lifetouch website here. You will notice upon arrival at the website that there is a specific code EVTPWSF8V for Downers Grove South that you will use to enter your student’s first and last name. Follow the prompts and purchase your photos before your appointment! 

**Please note, all students may sit for a photo at no cost to be included in the yearbook. Purchasing photos is not a requirement to participate in picture day for underclassmen.**