DGS Students Recognized for Excellence in French Language

DGS Students Recognized for Excellence in French Language

Several DGS students who took the National French Contest "Le Grand Concours" this Spring were recognized for their performance. One hundred and thirty students took the exam, and all received various levels of recognition. Nineteen students medaled, and 42 others earned a Certificat d'honneur.

The South French teachers would like to thank the District 99 Educational Foundation for the funding, which was provided as a part of a learning grant.



Raina Murphy (Sophia Reuillon, Level 2)

Al Zoerb (Stephanie Peterson, Level 3)



Levin Kandakudy (Sophia Reuillon, Level 4)

Hailey Aldrich (Sophia Reuillon, Level 2)

Hannah Venzon (v Reuillon, Level 4)

Emily Carrasco (Sophia Reuillon, Level 1)

Mateus Dos Santos (Stephanie Peterson, Level 1)

Katie Glass (Stephanie Peterson, Level 3)



Dayana Chaparro (Sophia Reuillon, Level 2)

Eliana McCauley (Sophia Reuillon, Level 1)

Romina Papavero (Sophia Reuillon, Level 1)

Brendan Fields (Sophia Reuillon, Level 1)

Patrick Kamdem (Sophia Reuillon, Level 4)

Emily Torres (Sophia Reuillon, Level 1)

Sophia Hunter (Sophia Reuillon, Level 1)

Annabelle Tung (Sophia Reuillon, Level 2)

Hannah Gantz (Sophia Reuillon, Level 2)

Emily Motuelle (Stephanie Peterson, Level 1)

Sydney Stapleton (Stephanie Peterson, Level 3)


To learn more about the National French Contest, visit the Le Grande Concours website. To learn more about World Languages, visit the South High Department page.