Accelerated Placement - English

All English classes provide students with the opportunity for instruction and practice on key and core skills within the discipline, including:

  • Argument writing
  • Narrative writing
  • Discussion
  • Presentation
  • Research
  • Close Reading
  • Independent Reading

In essence, this key difference between our English classes and our Honors/Advanced Placement English classes lies in the depth of analysis, the complexity of reading material, the expectations for critical thinking, and the level of rigor in assignments and assessments. Both classes aim to cultivate strong language skills, but Honors/Advanced Placement classes push students to explore literature and language in a more sophisticated and intricate way by consistently expecting students to actively participate in discussions, engage with the material outside of class, and exhibit a higher degree of self-motivation. Please see the table below for additional examples.

**This document is designed to be a macro-level overview of these two levels, and these statements are generalizations that may have variance depending on grade level as well as between teachers and within each semester.